Still Beautiful

It's hard for many women to truly believe and feel like they have ever been beautiful; but, for women diagnosed with cancer, such as mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure, that self-doubt becomes almost insurmountable. From a young age, it's difficult to find value in yourself as a woman when you are constantly bombarded by societal cues that tell you that in order to be of any value, you must be beautiful and to make matters worse, to be beautiful you must fit a certain description. That puts women in an incredibly dangerous and compromising position as they move into adulthood and are faced with all of life's challenges.

What if women could, instead of constantly yearning for one standard of beauty, realize that beauty is inherently unique and subjective? Instantly, women all over the world would feel the power that comes with feeling truly beautiful just because of who they are instead of how many hours of work they've put into changing themselves. Aside from being fun for many women to indulge in, fashion and beauty are very useful tools to boosting self-confidence and pride in oneself.

A cancer diagnosis, including mesothelioma forces patients to battle a plethora of respiratory problems as well as anaemia and weight loss. When diagnosed, it is understandable for someone to lose interest in the way they look. Receiving the news and going through treatment on top of the physical effects can be so disheartening that many women renounce fashion and beauty. Through one of the scariest times imaginable, escaping through fashion by spending a few minutes putting together the perfect outfit or having a friend blow dry and style your hair once a week can do a lot to make a woman with cancer feel beautiful again. By indulging in your looks in spite of cancer, you will be forced to see your beauty in a very new and genuine way. This feeling of empowerment and confidence will have a positive effect on your journey to survive cancer.

Usually faced with a grim prognosis, mesothelioma patients not only battle the physical form of cancer, but a major mental battle as well. If diagnosed with this rare cancer, or cancer of any sort, it is very important for a woman to continue to invest some time everyday appreciating her own beauty. Feeling confident in yourself and the way you look can go a long way on the road to recovery.

No matter how cancer has shaped your current physical state, never give up hope. Find your confidence again, and let your inner beauty shine through on the outside. You are Beautiful!

Guest Post By Jackie Clark.
Jackie joined the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance in 2009 as research assistant after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in fitness and nutrition. Jackie's interest in health and wellness spawned into fashion for an overall better outer appearance from her desire to treat her body well. Jackie saw the power in fashion and how it can enhance a woman's overall self-confidence levels. From there, Jackie’s experience in technical and medical research has allowed her to assist in the development of medical content and outreach efforts, with specializations in alternative care, cancer support programs, and social media campaigns.


  1. Hey dear, You are tagged by me. For more details, go here on my blog.

  2. Inspiring post. Many women, not just the cancer patients, can relate to this. In a stereotyped world that we live today, it's easy for any woman to feel bad about herself. It does take wisdom and self-confidence for a woman to go beyond her physical attributes and see herself on a higher level.


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