4 Ways to Have Natural Looking Hair Extensions

There are 2 main reasons why ladies wear hair extensions. First is to augment thinning hair and make it look thicker and livelier. The second reason is all about fashion and sporting different hairstyles; having beautiful hair is especially applicable during special occasions like parties and weddings. But making your hair extension look extremely natural is a challenge. You or your stylist need to apply a few tricks to perfectly combine your real hair and artificial hair together.

You can choose over several methods to attach your hair extension. But whatever method you prefer, you just have to make sure that it blends naturally and fashionably with your real locks. This is the very essence of wearing fake hair – to make it inconspicuous as possible.

You need to consider 4 things in applying hair extensions – the texture or grain of your hair, cut, color, and application method.

1. Texture
If the texture of your natural hair is very fine, a European-textured hair extension will match your hair perfectly. However, if your hair has rougher texture, the Indian hair type of extension is best for you. If your hair’s texture is somewhere in the middle, not too fine and not too rough, then an Italian-textured extension will blend well.

It is good to note that the European type of hair extension is the most superior as far as hair quality is concerned. It has a lasting smoothness that makes it flow naturally always. The Italian-textured extension also has the same quality but it is more suitable for the average-textured hair. Both European and Italian-textured extensions are manually attached to achieve customized length and color as specified by the customer. This is the reason why lots of celebrities and runway models prefer these 2 types of hair extensions over anything else. They are the top-quality extensions with the smoothest textures that offer lots of styling options.

2. Color
Of course, you need to ensure that color of your hair extension complements your real hair. Bear in mind that the color is the most important factor to achieve natural-looking hair extensions. Nowadays, hair extensions already come in a wide range of colors so you should be able to find the one that’s closest to the color of your own hair.

3. Cut
The cut or style of your hair extension should be synchronized with your natural hairstyle. Make sure that the extension is already trimmed before it is attached. If your haircut is styled with layers, then your hair extension should be in the same fashion. Depending on your hairstyle, it is also advisable to straighten or curl your extensions further to blend them as naturally as possible.

4. Application method
There are simple and complicated ways to apply your hair extension. If you opt for the weft method, make sure to leave some hair at the top to conceal the weft marks. The wefts should be applied at the back and sides using adhesive or by seaming it. For the micro-ring method, put away a few inches of your front hair untouched. The micro rings should be applied to your whole head except for the untouched partition at the front.

Before attaching the hair extension, always wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. This will relax and prepare your hair for the next steps. In addition, never attach the extension too forcefully. Doing so will put much pressure on your natural hair and can lead to breakage.

Guest Post By Shyxter Tagapulot. clip_image001
Shyxter is a beauty and fashion writer at HairExtensionsCosts.com – a website that gives comprehensive information about adding life to one’s crowning glory through hair extensions.


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