Launch Pad: New Pond's White Beauty With GenWhite™ Formula

New Pond's White Beauty With GenWhite™ Formula
Every time I come across a product with whitening/fairness claims I tend to look the other way.Not because they scream scam (which they do btw) but simply because any beauty product natural or manufactured cannot change your skin colour.Skin colour is genetically defined and cannot be altered by using a pot of magical cream.But since your skin colour is affected by a number of external environmental factors which over time make skin look dull and damaged eventually going over to the darker side (pun totally intended.) a little help might be welcome.

So give me a product that promises to adapt to my skin and make it look the way my genes intended it look.  and you have my curiosity piqued.And that is why I'm super excited about the latest launch from Pond's: White Beauty With GenWhite™ : a product that does not claim to make you fairer but promises to lighten  skin from within, fade dark spots from the source, for a radiant, even toned and spot-less complexion within just 7 days.

A tall claim maybe but they do have research and the revolutionary GenWhite™ formula to backup their claims.

formula adapts to your unique Skin to successfully lighten and even-out your complexion and prevent discolorations at the source.What’s amazing about it is that the product works differently on each person. So, if there are areas on your skin that need extra help and contain more melanin, the formula concentrates on lightening and brightening those exact problem spots.

formula contains two star ingredients that reveal spot-less radiance by working directly with your Skin. Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinimide, deeply lightens and fades the toughest dark spots. It works with the genes to inhibit the production of melanin. Hence, helping to lighten skin and reduce dark spots from the very source. Another groundbreaking component in the Pond’s White Beauty GenWhite™ formula is 12-H.SA, a new patent-pending active that works with the genes and speeds up the lightening of spots.GenWhite™ formula also contains Vitamin E which neutralize free radicals generated by environmental stressors like ozone and pollution, Allantoin a well known anti-inflammatory compound found naturally in the comfrey plant to help soothe processes that can lead to pigmentation and for protection from the sun: SPF 20 and UVA PA++

Expert Views on New Pond’s White Beauty

 Dr. Pushker Sona, Unilever’s R&D Director for Global Face Care CTC Skin and Regional Technology Centre 

“This potent GenWhite™ formula leverages the insights on how gene switches regulate the production and dispersion of melanin, to target and influence the environment of the natural mechanisms unique to individual skin—helping to lighten skin, accelerate fading of persistent spots and unlock radiant, spot-less* skin from the source.”

Dr. Aparna Santhanam, Leading Cosmetic Physician & Expert, HUL Beauty Council

“The interesting thing about the new GenWhite™ formula is that it adopts a multi-pronged approach to tackle all the mechanisms of darkening. It also provides an excellent sun protective cover to ensure that the formulation can work effectively, while at the same time preventing further darkening. Hence, the formula promises to be an excellent holistic multi-pronged approach to tackle the problem of pigmentation and skin darkening effectively”.

Pond’s white beauty™ Visible Lightening Day Cream SPF 20/ PA++ with GenWhite™ formula is currently available in a variety of sizes from 50g for Rs 249 to 9g for Rs 10.

I have been a big fan of Pond's and I'm really looking forward to trying out their latest product and see if the revolutionary GenWhite™ formula is all that its made out to be.

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