HiMirror Makes You Beautiful Anytime, Anywhere

Get ready for the coolest beauty invention coming your way, a smart mirror that scans your skin and gives you skin care advice. Boom no more failed skin care products, endless visits to beauty specialists and money down the drain. And it’s more than just a beauty consultant. It works with the Smart Body Scale to provide an accurate measurement of your body index in the comfort of your home.

Dubbed HiMirror, this piece of ingenious technology is a highly accurate & multifunctional IoT connected device with excellent, standardized image capturing prowess to provide detailed analysis results of wrinkles, fine lines, red spots, dark spots, dark circles, pores and complexion. Using these analysis reports and your chosen improvement goals, HiMirror creates a personalized skincare routine for you. In addition, historical comparison allows you to see your progress and also understand the changes in your skin's condition through the use of different products.

Featured by Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Glamour amongst others; HiMirror boasts an advanced facial recognition technology with voice & gesture commands that works in conjunction with the HiMirror App to provide constant care for your skin even when you are on the move. And (my favorite part) you can find the perfect music to accompany your skincare routine or makeup application by browsing and streaming music directly from within the app through HiMirror's voice and gesture command.

Other amazing features of the nifty HiMirror include:

My Routine function, which advises on your perfect beauty rituals, helps monitor which products are currently being used, and watch skincare routine tutorial videos.

My Beauty Box that helps keep an inventory of the skin care products you possess to help you manage them in a smart way.

Body & Fitness feature which enables HiMirror to work in conjunction with the Smart Body Scale to provide an accurate measurement of your body index: weight, body fat percentage (BFP), body mass Index (BMI), total body water (TBW), skeletal muscle mass (SMM), bone mass, and basal metabolic rate (BMR) to help you understand your body type and the body types which you may want to have.

Cool Reminders providing daily weather and UV index information based on your registered location, and offer clothing suggestions or to bring an umbrella. And based on your skin goals, HiMirror also provides timely tips every time you log in.

Personal & Secure Access which provides a robust network security system along with third-party certification to ensure the full confidentiality of your identity. Only you can access your personal data, as you log in using facial/voice recognition and your data in the HiMirror is stored in an independent and private encryption area.

And there you have it the future of Beauty.

The Himirror priced at $189 is now available to purchase online on their website and they are currently offering a bundle package of the HiMirror and Smart Body Scale at $229. Plus they have a limited period 30-day money back guarantee if you purchase before Jan 31st 2017.

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