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Rules Of Use : Eye Makeup

Eyes are the most expressive features of your face and communicate your feelings much better than words can.So it makes sense that attractive eyes can make you go from ok to oomph in a matter of seconds.Although the trick lies in proper application.
Keep the following in mind while doing your eye makeup:

1. Prime your eyes:
An eye primer basically makes your eye shadow application smoother,makes it stay longer and brings out the color much better.Those with oily eye lids should make an eye primer an essential part of their makeup routine.

2. Compliment the color of your eyes:
Complimenting the color of your eyes does not necessarily mean using shadows and liners of the same color.You should choose shades to bring out the color of your eyes.Most of us Indian women have brown/black eye which gives us a huge color selection variety.Though to make your eyes really pop use pink,green and violet.If you have blue/gray eyes absolutely avoid blue eye shadow.Instead opt for earthy colors with a purple or slate base.For green eyes use purple to add drama with brown and beige bases.

3. Highlight with care:
A highlighter is often used in conjunction with eye shadow to add depth to the colors used.It is not a must and in fact is too bothersome for everyday makeup, but if used it should be used very carefully.Blend it well with the eye shadow so that it does not stand out, but should seem one with the eye shadow.Apply to the outer edge of the crease to make eyes look bigger.Avoid using it on the inner corner or you will end up with beady eyes.

4. Blend the colors:
If you are using more than one shade on the eye then blend it well to make them appear seamless without any obvious boundaries.Use a light base color first all over your eyelids.Next apply the main color from upper lash line to just below the crease of your eyes and lastly apply the highlighting color on the crease making sure to blend it with the main color.

5. Keep it simple and subtle:
Loud eye makeup instantly translates to trying to hard (I have endless photographs to corroborate it).Try to keep it subtle.Avoid shimmer as it can highlight flaws on your eyelids like lines and wrinkles.Avoid applying eye shadow on your brow bone.If you insist on heavily made up eyes then try to keep the rest of your makeup to minimal especially lips. 


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