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A Lakme Change of Heart

Remember the little white package from Lakme that I talked about the other day.Well I think the time is ripe to share the story with my readers.
Well a couple of months back I had to make an emergency purchase from Lakme - Perfect Definition Eye Pencil in Midnight,since I had forgotten my regular pencil at home and I simply can't survive without an eyeliner.This was for a wedding and because I was not making a regular purchase I decided to go for something a little cheap.Plus I'm not very confident about Lakme products so didn't want to waste any extra money.Boy was I disappointed.Even for a temporary, emergency, no other alternative purchase it was 175 bucks down the drain.I do not really begrudge the money spent but I was appalled at the lack of quality.
The liner smudged within half an hour of application and could not even stay put for more than an hour, not to mention the gooey mess it left in the corner of my eyes.

Last week I wrote a long mail to the customer care relating my experience.I was angry.Yes.But more than that I was unhappy.I got a reply the very next day explaining that there might have been a manufacturing defect in the piece and they offered me a free replacement.I relented expecting not much.
Five days later true to their word, the replacement arrived.I was handed over the parcel in exchange for the thing that started it all.I opened the package expecting another piece of the same pencil but found the Lakme Nine To Five Eye Pencil in Black and a letter.Still vary I decided not to jump my guns and use the product.

Its been 3 days since and I have to agree this one fared much better than the previous one.To tell you the truth I'm quite loving it (the folks at Lakme are cunning cunning).It is long lasting, is water proof, did not smudge at all and lasted for 4 hours straight on my waterline(a feat in itself).Eight hours later I still have remnants of the eyeliner after washing my face a couple of times during the day.
So Lakme has won me over with this product, but more than that their prompt action has revived my faith in the brand.I mean they acted within 5 days of my complaint.That is fast.And gave me a better replacement(a clever marketing strategy but nevertheless well appreciated).
I'm spending my Sunday searching for this pencil in more shades.
8/10 for the pencil and 10/10 for their customer service.Way to go.
Let me know if you want a detailed product review.

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