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Makeup Tricks For Perfect Features

One of the most essential uses of makeup is to hide our facial flaws and bring out our features.But most women apply makeup mechanically without any attention to detail.However this attention to detail can transform ordinary makeup to make you look gorgeous with perfect 10 features.
Here's how:  

Flawless Skin:
The 3 C's will work their magic to flaunt flawless skin-Cleanse,Conceal,Cover.Use a mild scrub to clean your face before applying makeup.It will help remove dead skin and tan.And nothing can beat the glow of freshly scrubbed skin.Moisturize next while face is still wet.Use Concealer to camouflage the flaws on your face(read blemishes and under eye circles).Apply foundation and blend it well to get an even skin tone.Dust face with loose powder to finish making sure to blend the excess. 

Bigger Eyes:
To make eyes look wider and bigger use makeup to open them up.Start by applying concealer to camouflage dark circles.Avoid black eyeliners as it detracts from the eyes and makes them look smaller.Instead use metallic shades of blue,green,charcoal,bronze which will give definition to eyes and open up eyes instantly.They can be smudged with eyeshadow or worn alone.Another great option is pink and nude liners on your waterline to give depth.Next use white or pale pink eyeshadow with a little glitter on the inner corner of your eyes.Use highlighter just below your brow bone.Use sparingly,the idea is to open up eyes and not look like trash.Curl your lashes next and apply two thin coats of mascara.An eyelash curler can be a life saver for droopy eyes as it helps to sweep the lashes up thereby revealing your eyes and making them look bigger. 

Full  Lips:
If you have thin lips use a nude lip pencil to outline your lips about a millimeter or two from the actual lip line.Don't do an overkill though.Use a lip balm as a base.It will basically  moisturize your lips and in turn make them look full.If you have chapped lips remember to exfoliate before you move further.Next apply a moisturizing lipstick in high shine finish.Avoid mattes as it emphasizes the shape of your lips.Finish off with lip gloss applied to the bow of your lips and the center of your bottom lips.The gloss will catch light and reflect it giving the illusion of fuller lips.

Chiseled Cheekbones:
 Appearance of high cheekbones will immediately make your face look slimmer and is a godsend for round faces.You will need a highlighter and bronzer to fake high cheekbones.Highlighter can be substituted with pale pink blusher and bronzer can be substituted with plum/choco blusher.But make sure the colors you choose should not clash with each other.However it is a good idea to invest in a highlighter and bronzer.Make a fish face and apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheek in an upward sweep that should end just below your cheekbones.Next apply highlighter to the apple of your cheek sweeping towards your temple.If you are substituting blusher for the two, use a light hand and dust brush before application.You should aim for a subtle hint of color and nothing too garish.

Slimmer Nose:
Swipe highlighter down the bridge of your nose and back again in a straight line.Draw attention to the central line of your nose to make it look slimmer.Avoid anything too glittery or you will end up looking like a disco ball.

Being confident and feeling good in our skin is the most important thing.So don't shy away from makeup to bring out the best in you.

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