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Freshly Shopped : Earrings Galore

A few days back the weather was absolutely mind blowing and with nothing better to do I went window shopping.Although it was strictly window shopping I ended up buying earrings or rather stud earrings.This January I got my ears pierced and since I have 3 piercings cramped into one small ear each, I cannot wear big chunky earrings.I basically got by wearing small rings/round studs till the time my ears healed.And now these beauties are gonna adorn them.

I was basically moving around aimlessly at Shopper's Stop and came across the jewelery counter where Kim's was having a buy 2 get 1 free clearance offer.Mostly the stuff was ethnic but I found these three that I loved.Plus they were offering life time warranty and replacement.

Gold Plated pearl drop with a tiny diamond rhinestone.Would go great with ethnic wear.
Price : Rs 175

Rhodium Plated with 3 pearls surrounded by diamond rhinestones in a triangular shape.I loved this because it has such a vintage charm about it.And I'm partial to silver and pearls.
Price : Rs 195

Rhodium Plated triangle with a centre american diamond.This is the best of the three.It has a modern futuristic design.Very chic very feminie.
Price : Rs 175

Eventually my browsing led me to the third floor and the moment I stepped out guess what I saw?A junk jewelery kiosk.I spotted these absolutely adorable studs at a great bargain and added them to my haul.I was a little skeptical as to whether they would suit me but I have been wearing them for the last week without any allergic reaction.The shopkeeper claimed they were nickel free.

Reminds me of Happy Feet and yeah Poohkie's dp.These were so cute that I wore them immediately, both on the same ear.
Price : Rs 50 bargained for Rs 30

I had a fixation with this female silhouette ever since I saw Samantha sporting it (SATC don't remember the season).She wore it as a big gold chunky pendant but I had to settle for silver studs.No regrets.These are super sexy albeit a little tiny which makes discerning it a little difficult.Sometimes they look like fancy M's.Still hunting for the gold pendant though.
Price : Rs 50 bargained for Rs 30

All in all a good haul.What say?


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