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Whipped TLC : Cellulite

cellulite Cellulite was a relatively unknown term to me a few years back until I encountered it one fine day.Although the experience is something I hate to talk about, it at least made me aware of the changes in my body and how I have to start paying attention.
Cellulite might be described as fat deposits just under your skin’s surface giving a dimpled appearance and that is why it is also known as Orange Peel Syndrome or Cottage Cheese Skin.And if you think the names are funny you have yet to meet it face to face.It generally affects the skin on abdomen,thighs and the pelvic region and occurs after the onset of puberty.When the fat cells become too large to be accommodated by the natural compartments within the skin they bulge and form uneven layers of fat resulting in cellulite and it definitely does not help if the skin has poor elasticity to begin with.So the big question what causes fat to deposit under the skin and to make matters worse grow in size.
Scientists have not yet been able to pin point any one particular cause but believe it to be a combination of several factors :
  • Hormonal factors are one guess.Estrogen, Insulin and Thyroid hormones may play an important role in the production of cellulite since the process always starts after puberty.Cellulite generally affects women which points the finger at Estrogen(the female hormone).
  • Genetic may also be responsible.Some females are more predisposed to developing cellulite than others.Since genes also determine metabolism and distribution of fat in the body they can affect your chances of developing cellulite.
  • Poor diet may contribute to cellulite as much as any hormonal or genetic factor might.But the good news is that unlike genes and hormones you can always control your diet.Eat food rich in fiber and avoid excess fat,salt and carbohydrates.These produce toxins that are not flushed from your body but get trapped in fatty tissue instead.Avoid crash diets of any kind too.These lead the body into thinking it is starving and makes it attempt to use the saturated fat stored leading to cellulite.The saturated fat blocks arteries and gets trapped in tissues which prevents toxins to be flushed out.Drink plenty of water to regulate your body’s toxic elimination process.
  • Lifestyle choices also increase your chances of developing cellulite.Smoking affects the connective tissue in the body, thereby damaging it and giving the dimpled effect.Consumption of alcohol and caffeinated drinks lowers the body’s ability to toss out toxins, which ultimately manifests itself in the form of cellulite.Exercise regularly to monitor the fat in your body and to prevent it from depositing in undesired places.Exercise also regulates flow of blood and makes the connective tissues soft which prevents the dimpling of skin.
There are a number of creams/lotions, therapies available to combat cellulite but they are not very effective,Prolonged usage might provide some relief.You could also try some home remedies to help you fight cellulite.These are natural and cheap and won’t do any harm.One great home remedy for cellulite is the coffee scrub.Now while consumption of coffee is known to actually cause cellulite, but using it as a scrub proves very efficient in getting rid of it.And the reason for both is caffeine.Caffeine is a diuretic meaning that it loves water.Massaging with it will help redistribute the fat making the appearance of dimpled skin go way.

Coffee Scrub
4 tbsp instant coffee
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup coconut oil
2-4 Vitamin E Capsule
Clingfilm or plastic wrap
Warm the coconut oil and add the coffee to it to make a gooey paste.Add the contents of the vitamin  E capsules.Massage this mixture using circular motions on the affected area for 5-10 minutes till it gets absorbed in skin.Make sure to apply it to damp skin while the mixture is still warm.After massaging wrap in Clingfilm and let it sit for another 5 minutes.Wash it off with warm water.This should be done at least twice a week to get optimal results. 


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