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Freshly Shopped:How Grocery Shopping Turned Into a Blog Post

Before I begin let me emphasise that I'm a list person especially when it comes to grocery shopping because I’ve been known to deviate.My mantra is stick to the list.But what do you do when you loose the list?Shop for things you love that will never make the list otherwise.Which is exactly what I did.
Normally I do my weekly grocery shopping at a nearby departmental store.It used be devoid of temptations in the form of makeup counters which worked for me, but a few months back the shop was revamped and turned into a triple story with an entire floor dedicated to things I love.So when I realized I’m sans a grocery list I wandered and spent half my weekly budget on things I can’t eat. Here’s what I bought and why(to appease my guilty conscious).

Cello Alpha Box

Price: Rs 218
I was in dire need of this drawer/box.It’s perfect to organize your makeup and is a blessing in disguise especially in the the mornings.Although once back home I realized that it was too small.So I’m planning to get another one soon.

Double Sided Mirror

Price: Rs 140
Broke the old one (or rather threw in a fit of rage) a while back.I’m so used to applying makeup with a mirror around that I’m glad I got a replacement.

Faces Pumice Stone, Audrey’s Flocked Sponge and Lacto Calamine

Price: Rs 80, Rs 75 and Rs 33
  • Every time I see a  Faces revolving rack I get this weird compulsion to pick something up.Since I didn't have their pumice stone I picked it.
Note to self :Avoid Faces Racks Like Plague
  • The MUA was using this at the counter to apply her foundation.It made application look super easy so I picked these.
  • Replacement for the one in my purse.I keep buying this like I buy chewing gum.So no surprise there.
Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara in Glam Black, Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin, Wonder Finish Foundation in Nude and Water Shine Lipstick in Burnt Shimmer

Price: Rs 275, Rs 180, Rs 359 and Rs 230 (free) 
  • I keep going through theses yellow tubes like anything and although these do last me a good 6 months it seems to me I’m always buying these.
  • I’ve been wanting this blush for a long time.Never tried the mousse formula and plus it looked really tempting on the rack.
  • An impulsive last minute buy.I needed a foundation for every day wear and normally I research before buying, this time I was too exhausted.Hope I’m not disappointed.
  • When I bought so much Maybelline stuff I had to have a free gift na, though there was not much to choose from.It was either this or the mousse bronzer(or rather golden shimmer something).This was the only shade available and though I hated it at the store, back home I loved it.It’s a lovely bronze with super silky texture.

Price: Rs 85
I was actually looking for a compact but a friend had recommended this.Never used this one before but at 85 bucks it can’t be that bad.(review here)
Not much of a haul but still I thought I’ll share with you what happens when you misplace a grocery list.


  1. Hey Sonia ... I liked the Cello Alpha Box.. Infact I was trying to locate a decent stationary store to check out something of this sort ... have seen couple of gurus on Youtube organizing their stuff in these and its a brilliant idea !!! and its priced decently !!
    Also Lakme loose powder is still on my list .. will get it soon :P

  2. @Shalini:I bought this at a departmental store.In fact they had a larger one which I instantly regretted not buying once I started stashing my makeup.I'm planning on getting the bigger one soon.
    You have to try the Lakme Loose powder.Though if you're looking for something to control oil I would suggest Mattify Powder.I'll be doing a review soon.Stay tuned.


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