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Foods To Slim You Down Continued …

Like discussed in the previous edition of Foods To Slim picking out appropriate food items can be very helpful when attempting to remove excessive weight. Not only can such products aid in weight loss, but in addition other health benefits are gained whenever eating nutritious food products to reduce weight. An ideal  weight loss plan involves eating products that help in eliminating extra calories and furnishing additional medical health benefits at the same time.So here are more foods to help you slim down.

Bean Benefit

Foods To Slim-Beans

Befriend Cholecystokinin and you’re off to a great weight loss start.This baby is a digestive hormone present in beans and legumes.It is also a natural appetite suppressant and keeps blood sugar levels in check reducing between meal hunger pangs.Beans are one of the best lean proteins available and contain resistive starch.Although make sure you soak beans overnight before consuming to remove Phytic acid which blocks absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Dairy Daily
 Foods To Slim-Dairy

Dairy albeit the low fat kind goes a long way to help ward off excess calories because of its high calcium content.Yogurt,cheese,milk all contain calcium which is not only bone healthy but also helps to suppress Calcitriol, a hormone that prevents accumulation of fat.When the level of calcium in the body is low then calcitriol is produced which in turn accelerates formation and storage of fat.The body does this in anticipation of starvation.However when the calcium levels are stable this hormone is not produced.Dairy also contains leucine amino acids which helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels.Have a glass of mattha(diluted yogurt) everyday not only to help you with weight loss but also to keep your digestion good.

Nuts About Nuts

Foods To Slim-Nuts 
Nuts may seem inconsequential to some in the general weight loss department but surprise surprise they are a powerhouse of goodness.Nuts are a good source of fat of the good kind (monosaturated) that helps burn fat of the bad kind (polysaturated).It also releases chemicals to the brain signalling fullness and suppressing between meal cravings.These are also rich in nutrients which will be beneficial in the long run.The best way to consume nuts is roasted (avoid salted) or you can also add them to your morning cereal.

Honey I Shrunk The Kilos

Foods To Slim-Honey

Honey is famous for it’s skin benefiting properties but did you know it will help you loose those piled on calories too.All you have to do is substitute honey for sugar.It’s that simple.Honey is the best source of natural sugar minus the calories that refined sugar has.Plus it is full of nutrients and vitamins.And it is light on your stomach and easily digested.Honey acts like a fuel for your liver and helps in speedy fat burning which means increased metabolism which means easy weight loss.And it also helps release endorphins or stress busting hormones making you feel relaxed and calm.Start your day by taking a tbsp of honey and half a lemon in a glass of warm water on an empty stomach and watch your metabolism run wild.Increased metabolism releases more energy so next time before exercising take a tablespoon of honey and you will find that you can exercise much better.

Oats On My Mind

Foods To Slim-Oats

Have a bowl of oats every day and watch your weight fade away into oblivion.This is such a fool proof method that I’m surprised that not many people are aware of the benefits of oats.And the cherry on top is that it is the best weapon against cholesterol.Oats are a good source of resistive starch which is just a fancy name for fibre.Consumption of fibre rich foods prevent the body from storing fat and makes you feel full quicker than other foods.It is excellent for your digestion.Oats are available in a variety of forms: cereal, biscuits, flour, flakes.It is a filling and healthy breakfast and has minimum fat.I totally swear by Kellogg's Oat Bites to fulfil my snacking needs.Agreed it takes a little time getting used to the but at the end when you realize how many calories you are avoiding by way of snacking on potato chips(and family) you forget about the taste.

So that brings an end to the list of foods that will help you slim down.Just keep in mind that the key to any weight loss regimen is reducing calories and choosing nutrient dense foods that helps in keeping you feeling full and satisfied, and you’ll be fine.


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