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My Take: CreaClip

Crea Clip Review

If you think that the remote control was the best thing to happen to mankind, then you’ve yet to be introduced to this amazing invention: CreaClip.Exaggeration you might say.Maybe.But then if you think again how expensive a haircut has gotten these days, not to mention moody and sulky stylists, you might agree with me.It’s not only one heck of an ingenious gadget but it helps you save money in the long run.No wonder its been nominated Best New Product Of The Year.And if you are still wondering what the hell is CreaClip, here’s the lowdown:

What It Claims
  • Cut your hair at home
  • Trim your bangs
  • Cut children’s hair
  • Create layers
  • Save time and money
 Crea Clip Review
     Crea Clip Review

    $39.99 $29.99 (Approximately Rs 1500) + Postage And Handling

    How To Use
    1. Use On Clean dry hair.
    2. Use a mirror while cutting your own hair.
    3. Comb out all the knots and kinks.
    4. Use sharp hair cutting scissors.
    5. Sit or stand straight up before getting a haircut.
    6. The level is balanced when the bubble is between the two white lines.
    Crea Clip UseOne Length

    Crea Clip UseStraight Across Bangs

    Crea Clip UseSide Bangs

     Instructional Videos  

    The Good
    • It’s a simple enough tool with no wizardry involved.
    • Can be mastered by anyone whether a pro or a simpleton like me.
    • Can easily be used to cut your own hair without a second pair of hands.
    • The big white clip is slightly curved to help give a U cut and is suited for longer hair, while the shorter blue clip is ideal for cutting bangs and shorter hair
      Crea Clip Review Crea Clip Review Crea Clip Review
      • Great for getting rid of split-ends.
      • Cheap hair trimmings at home without visiting the salon.
      • You can easily cut straight across bangs, side bangs or a layered hairstyle without any prior knowledge of cutting hair.
      • The clip fits snugly so that it does not move accidentally while cutting hair.It locks nice and comfy.
      Crea Clip Review
      Crea Clip Review
      • The bubble is adjustable and can be moved clockwise or anti-clockwise according to how you’ve placed the clip.
      Crea Clip Review
      Crea Clip Review Crea Clip Review
      • Although it works best on straight hair, it will also work on curly hair(check the videos).Just make sure to leave an extra half inch before cutting to account for the fact that curly hair will curl ;) Although it is recommended to be used on dry straight hair or using a flat iron to straighten curly hair before using it to get optimum results.
      • Can be used with scissors, razors or trimmers.
      • You can easily cut textured ends by simply cutting vertically and since the clip is safely clipped on your hair you will never cut extra hair.
      Crea Clip Review
      • It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee which is awesome.Although I highly doubt if you'd need it.
      • Can easily be cleaned using a toothbrush and shampoo.
      • Super Fast delivery (my package came within a week) and prompt customer service.                 
      The Bad
      • Adjusting the bubble can be a bit tricky at first but it gets easier once you get the hang of it.
      • Only available online.
      • A tad expensive but a normal haircut these days costs anywhere between Rs 500 – 1000 so you’ll eventually recover the cost of the product.
      • Highly addictive.Yup.Once you realize how easy and simple a haircut can get with this you’ll keep hunting for people to experiment with.And yeah that’s a con since everyone I know has been avoiding me lately.
      CreaClip + Scissors VS Regular Comb + Scissors
      Agreed I’ve never tried chopping off my own hair or for that matter anyone else’s before but still here’s what your regular comb lacks in comparison to the CreaClip:
      • With a regular comb you can never get the perfect level.But with CreaClip clipped on your hair and the bubble balanced in the middle there's not much to getting the perfect level.
      • A regular comb cannot be used to get a haircut yourself since you would have to hold the comb in one hand and the scissors in the other, all the while making sure that you’re not snipping off extra.
      • Getting a layered haircut using a regular comb can be a tricky job even for professionals but using CreaClip you can get yourself a layered haircut in less than 5 minutes.Don’t believe me?Check these videos.
      Love It Or Chuck It?
      Love it to the extreme.I did try it on myself which automatically means I trust it (unfortunately it was an impulsive haircut so no pics).Plus it helps get rid of split ends while maintaining your haircut at the same time.It deserves every bit of praise that it has been garnering.Kudos to Mai for coming up with such an innovative idea.

      Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for review.Read Review Policy for more information.



      1. Hey, I finally had time to test the creaclip I bought, at least the blue one to cut my fringe, and for me it was a disaster >.< I looked like I had let a little kid cut my hair! So afterwards I had to try to save what was left with comb and scissors like I usually do and now it looks okay but I'm never touching the crea Clip again! Here#s my review, sorry its only in German but I guess the pictures speak for themselves:

      2. Hey that's too bad.I guess it takes a getting used to.I have not yet tried the blue one but used the white one to trim my hair and it worked great.

      3. Ho do you do it when you use th white one? I can't even imagine how that is supposed to work because my hair goes down to my waist and if i put the clip in I can't see anything and even less cut my hair there, I would have to ask my boyfirend to cut it for me.

      4. I flip my head and gather all the hair into the clip then slide it to the level where I want to cut and snip.Check their website they have video tutorials there which might be helpful.

      5. Ah okay yes thats how i used to do it with a normal hair clip and a comb too lol

        So I believe I dn't really need the clip for it then.


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