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Peek-A-Boo: Crea Clip In The Mail

Crea Clip

I’m maniacal when it comes to my hair and normally I won’t trust anyone but my dearest hair stylist to touch my tresses, so I was really intrigued when I came across this product.It has been creating a lot of buzz on you tube and other beauty blogs, so I knew I had to at least give it a try.And I finally received it in my mail.

Crea Clip

I was totally surprised by how simple it looked.Just a couple of clips (yup these are actually clips).So here’s a first look at the product.And since I’m using it for the first time I’m going to steer clear of any experimentations on my hair, so currently I’m on the lookout for a suitable candidate to try out my skills.Will post a review as soon as I find one (I’ve already convinced one such person while writing this post, though we are at loggerheads on the bribe I would have to give to ; ) By the way the delivery is super fast.The package arrived within a week which is commendable.

Crea Clip  
You can get more information on this amazing product on their website


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