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Rules Of Use: 3 Easy Breezy Ways To Apply Gel Eyeliner

Gel liners are fab.And until you start using it you won’t realize how fab it can actually get.It’s easy to apply, is more flexible than pencil liners and does not create a mess like liquid liners.But unfortunately most people are either unaware of its charms or too vary to use it.So I’m going to sort out all your misgivings about Gel Eyeliners, plus explain 3 super easy ways to apply/use them.

PS: For the sake of the article I’m going to treat Cream and Gel Eyeliner as the same.

Gel eyeliners are extremely flexible and are more lasting than their counterparts.These blend in smoothly and can be applied without playing tug of war with your eyes.The only downside is that they tend to dry up quickly.I would suggest storing a little in a separate container and refilling when it finishes up.And now onto the techniques for applying gel liners.

Technique 1: For Waterline
Use the pad of your ring finger to apply gel eyeliner on your waterline.It’s super easy, quick and you get perfect results without loading on excess product.Touch the pad of your ring finger on the gel eyeliner and sweep across your waterline.And that’s it.Although this method is damn good gel eyeliners are not preferred on the waterline since they get diluted easily because of their formula.You can even use this technique to apply kohl by rubbing some on the pad of your ring finger and sweeping it across the waterline.Just make sure that your hands are squeaky clean or you might risk an eye infection.

Technique 2: For Tightline (Upper Waterline)
Even though tightlining your eyes is not a must, it can give the illusion of fuller lashes and make the liner look more effective.Unfortunately tighlining your eyes is one helluva task especially if your a novice.Never try to use a pencil liner or liquid liner to tightline your eyes.The former will end up poking you in the eye while the latter will only irritate them.Gel liners are the best option for this.Instead of using your regular eye liner brush  use a flat eye shadow brush.Dip the tip of the brush into the gel liner pot and make sure you have covered the tip with adequate product.Next touch the tip of the brush to your tightline, blink and push the tip of the brush upwards at the same time.Start from the outer corner of your eyes and keep moving inwards till you are done.Blink a couple of times and any excess product will automatically line your waterline.

Technique 3: For Lashline (Upper And Lower)
If you are looking for a thicker line then an eyeliner brush might be your best bet.Make sure its stiff and not flimsy or you’ll get the product all over.An eyeliner brush can easily be substituted with a pencil eyeliner.It would make the job simpler specially if you have unsteady hands.Using a sharpened eye pencil, dip it in the gel liner, wipe off any excess along the side of the pot and apply as you would using regular pencil liner.Start from the inner corner and move out.And stick as close as possible to the lashline.You can always go back and thicken the line.

I know I should have taken some pictures to go along with the post, but I felt really lazy.Hence Lady Gaga in all her glory.


On a different note, love the Judas video.She might have some serious issues going on but must say the Lady is quite talented.


  1. nice tips.. Ido the pencil thg too sumtimes..dip it in gel liner n use :)

  2. Great post. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. hee hee serious issues goin on............its true. anyway nice post abt the liners :)

  4. Nice post hun. I have not used gel eyeliners as of yet. I use Arabic kohl (kajal) on my waterline, the exact way as you have described. Kohl lasts amazingly long on the waterline, unlike any other eye pencil I have tried. It can get a bit messy though and if it falls below on your under eye area, it's hard to remove.

    I think I will try a gel eyeliner for my waterline and see how that goes.

  5. @ Burcin Do try out and let me know.I find kohl a bit messy though.


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