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My Take: Nature’s Brilliance By Sue Eye Colours

Nature’s Brilliance By Sue Eye Colors Review And Swatch
What It Claims
You can read more about Nature’s Brilliance By Sue and their amazing line of all natural products in my review here.

$6 for 0.35oz, currently on sale for $5
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Mica, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide.Matte shades contain Serecite (uncoloured mica).

Nature’s Brilliance By Sue Eye Colors Review And Swatch
 The Good
  • Love the fact that it’s called eye colours, since it’s a versatile powder and can be used as eye shadow, eye liner, or just to add another dimension to your existing eye makeup.
  • Extremely pigmented.Plum Midnight Lustre is more on the glittery side and even then the colour shines through whereas the Green Midnight Lustre is a deep leaf green with a soft sheen.
  • Applies like a dream.The powder is very creamy(sounds weird I know but you have to see it to believe it) and can easily be applied either with a brush or fingers.
  • The best thing about these eye colours is that these are great for lining your eyes.And that too without wetting them.The powder is so creamy that you can easily use an angled liner brush to apply as a liner and the product stays put.

 DSC05406  Green Midnight Lustre applied as an eyeliner

  • No fading or creasing, but make sure you apply a thin layer of product.And lasts a good 4-5 hours without a primer.
  • These eye colours come in different finishes which makes it all the more versatile.The ones I have, have a lustre finish.
  • Since you need a really tiny amount of product because it’s so pigmented, the price is very economical for the quantity you get.
  • It’s 100% natural and organic and is very safe.In fact this was the only product I was using while I had a mild eye allergy and not once did it sting or irritate.
  • There was hardly any fallout.I suppose that’s because it has a very smooth and creamy texture and it instantly sticks to the skin.Just make sure you tap out excess product before applying. 
  • Can be applied dry or wet and both give a very different effect and finish.
  • Normally sifters are pretty irksome, dispensing too little or too much product, but this ones is great and dispenses just the right amount.The packaging is also pretty sturdy and will not easily break.
The Bad
  • It’s really hard to come up with any cons.This is definitely one of the best mineral eye shadows I’ve come across.My one and only complaint with it though is that it’s only available online.Wish it were more accessible.
Love It Or Chuck It

Nature’s Brilliance By Sue Eye Colors Review And Swatch
I’m not just loving these beautiful eye colours but I’m oh! so in love with Nature’s Brilliance itself.Brilliant indeed.Great products, economical, versatile and most importantly all natural.What more can you expect from makeup.If you are into eye makeup then these pots are a must have.They have an awesome texture which makes it fun to apply and wear.Plum Lustre can be used to give your eye makeup a lovely 3d effect.Its such a beautiful gold/brown colour that you’ll instantly fall for it.And the Green lustre is the best green eye liner I have ever used more so because I normally shy away from greens altogether.Love it.
Check out the amazing range of all natural mineral makeup products on their website
Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for review.Read Review Policy for more information.


  1. The green looks so fab on you and you have the perfect eyes!!! Looks so well rested.

  2. @Rakshanda:Could'nt agree more and thanks.
    @Bhumika:Yeah I know.
    @Nivedita:Thanks hun.I always thought that my eyes were my worst features.You really made my day!!!

  3. That's a lovely green shade and looks great on you
    Best thing about the product is its versatility which balances the against the price paid!!1

    Do enter my giveaway here at

  4. @Lipsy:Thanks dear and I totally agree with you.I'll definitely enter your giveaway.Thanks for sharing.


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