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WishBox ~ The First International Beauty Box By

WishBox ~ The First International Beauty Box By
Yup you read that right: The very first international beauty box or rather beauty pouch since the goodies come in a cute little pouch, is here at last.There was a lot of excitement about various Indian beauty boxes opening shop but none are currently operational yet, so an international beauty box could for the time being appease beauty fanatics.

WishTrend is a Korean beauty webstore aiming to bring quality beauty products from well known Korean brands to every corner of the world. I stumbled across WishTrend while hunting for BB creams and have tried two from their webstore both being pretty darn good(Check my reviews).And now they have me all excited about WishBox.

Like any regular beauty box, every month there will be a new WishBox with different products from Korean brands, some full sized and some samples, all packed in a cute pouch.The products themselves would not be revealed but only the brands will be revealed beforehand.

For their March Wishbox, WishTrend has put together an interesting mix of 5 brands: Nature Republic, Skin Food, Ciracle, Klair's and Tony Moly.I have tried the Ciracle BB Cream and was super impressed so I'm expecting the rest to be as good.

WishBox ~ The First International Beauty Box By
And the best part of all, the pouch that all the goodies will come in.I definitely prefer pouches over boxes.

WishBox ~ The First International Beauty Box By
The Wishbox is priced at $29.99 with $6 - $9 for Regular Shipping and $30 - $40 for EMS(for more details on shipping click here.)A bit on the expensive side yes, but then again you get to try a variety of top notch brands.Plus the products seem to be a good size.

You can order your Wishbox from the WishTrend website or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Thanks for the review of our products. You can see more products at ! Wishtrend will be the hub of Korean cosmetics. Thanks again and have a wonderful day !


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