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8 Ways To Keep Cool, Whilst Looking Hot This Summer!

Summer is with us and as beautiful those bright mornings and long days are, sometimes it’s a task just deciding what to wear and how to cope with the climate. This guest post, contributed by I Need Pampering, is here to help you handle the current heat whilst maintaining your style!

If you are looking for footwear that can keep your feet cool and comfortable yet still looking stylish, opt for a shoe that can breathe. A flat open sandal, sturdy flip-flop, or open trainers if you’re teaming them with jeans, give just the right amount of style, as well as comfort.

Versatile Dress

tiered skirt
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When the days are hot every girl needs an outfit that feels as comfortable on as jogging bottoms, but with a little more va-va-voom for the outside world. Opt for a tiered gypsy dress to give you a chic look on the outside, as well as comfort for the inside.

linen dress
Linen is every girl’s best friend. No need to iron, just unpack and throw it on! A pair of wide-legged trousers or a long skirt are the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe: flattering, comfortable, cool and ideal with pumps during the day, or pretty sandals in the evening.

Windy Shawls
When your daytrip to the beach is met with a slight breeze, it’s always a good idea to have a simple shawl on hand. Throwing one of these over your sundress will give you the subtle warmth required, with a little more style than your boyfriend’s old sweater.

Your Biggest Fan
Why not take a leaf out of the Spanish Senoritas’ book this summer and purchase a fan? Alluring and stylish, they are also an extremely practical way to keep your make-up intact when the temperature rises.

Handy Spritzer
Keep your skin fresh, clean and sparkly throughout the day with a regular spritz. Make sure you pick one packed full of energising natural ingredients in a handy transportable size that can be slipped into your handbag before heading out.

Eye Drops
eye drops
Heat can play havoc with your eyes leaving them dry, tired and itchy. Ensure you have some moisturising eye-drops on hand, to brighten up your look.

Frozen Cocktails
frozen cocktail
Why not invite your girlfriends over for a sophisticated lunch and wow them with ice-packed Mojito cocktails! Fill a tall glass with crushed ice; add some lime, crushed mint, a couple of teaspoons of sugar, pour in a shot of rum, top up with soda, stir and serve.



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