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Look Beach Hot In A Jiffy

Beach Makeup And Skincare Tips
Summers spell long hot dreary days spent sweating it out in the sun.And the best way to get out of a summer induced rut is to head over to the nearest beach destination and have fun prancing around surf and sand with your girlfriends.Frolicking in the waves, sipping mojitos and making new friends is on my vacation agenda but not before prepping for beach season.

So get set and ready for the beach with these quick and easy tricks for looking beach hot in a jiffy:

Super Skin
Since beach translates to dipping in cool blue waters, its natural to assume that all that H2O equals hydration for your skin.Not necessarily. When moisture evaporates from skin, it can take naturally hydrating lipids below the surface with it. And lets not forget we are talking about salty sea water which is even more damaging.Salt is hydrophilic i.e. it's attracted to water and thus pulls water from skin making it prone to dryness.Solution? Moisturise like your life depends on it with a rich water based body cream before applying sunscreen.Go for something unscented and hypoallergenic because the sun can cause hypersensitivity in your skin.

Soaking In The Sun[screen]

Beach Makeup And Skincare Tips
But you already knew that right.Sunscreen is essential every time you step out of the house, and on a beach with the sun keeping you constant company it becomes a necessity.Apply a waterproof, broad spectrum, minimum SPF 30  sunscreen at least half an hour before sun exposure and keep reapplying every two hours.Make sure you use a sunscreen that offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays and look for ingredients like avobenzone, oxybenzone, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide.Try the new Capital Soleil sunscreen from Vichy which offers optimum protection thanks to a formula enriched with MEXORYL which helps protect against sun damage, brown spots and sun induced premature skin ageing.Read Sunscreen Myths Busted to sort out any queries you may have.
And once you are back make sure to follow it up with after sun care.For a natural based remedy try rubbing tomato halves to exposed skin to bring down sun inflamed skin or use a ubtan made from flour, turmeric and cream to scrub away tanned skin.There are also a number of great after sun products available in the market that help replace lost moisture, soothe singed skin and prevent peeling.

Making It Last Makeup

Wearing makeup to the beach might sound pretentious but then our need to constantly look fab pretty much trumps any other ridiculous notions.Beach makeup is all about lasting, light and sheer makeup.First rule: simplify your makeup and ditch any unnecessary stuff.Rule number two use lasting waterproof makeup.Don't aim for flawless skin since it will most likely get washed off.Instead mix a teeny bit of your regular foundation with a little bronzer to your sunscreen to get your own beachy brand of coverage.

Avoid creamy and glossy textures at all costs since the heat will make it melt and pour off your skin.Swap your usual formulas for more tenacious versions containing aqua-blocking silicones (such as dimethicone) and polymers (labels might list acrylate or octylacrylamide.)

Use bright waterproof eyeliners instead of shadow and finish off with a lengthening waterproof mascara.Hydrate lips with an SPF containing lip balm over a bright pink lip tint to complete your beach look.Makeup touch ups are a big no no when you're at the beach so make blotting papers your best friends to avoid shine and tackle any meltdowns.

Lisa Eldridge shows you how to get Beach Bright Makeup on.

Beach Worthy Hair

Healthy shiny hair qualifies to be beach worthy, but a day on the hot beach can spell doom for your hair.So protect your hair as you would protect your skin.Keep a straw hat or scarf ready.And if you have any heat protectant lying around put it to good use.

In case you have highlighted or coloured hair you have to be extra cautious since the salt and other minerals in the sea water can take hair colour from vibrant to washed out.In order to remove build-up and brighten your colour wash with 1/2 cup of shampoo to which you've added 1 tablespoon of baking soda, then reshampoo with a regular formula and conditioner.

Heat humidity and water can be the perfect recipe for a frizz fest, so tame the frizz by using an oil based leave in conditioner.Since oil and water don't mix the frizzies will most likely stay at bay.
 Easy Beach Ready Hair Styles
Flaunt your hair with a multitude of summer friendly side braids or loose updos.And if beachy waves are what you crave then don't forget to carry your homemade Sea Salt Spray to keep the waves and curls crisp and fresh.

Happy Feet

Beach Makeup And Skincare Tips
Any beach outfit is incomplete without a pair of cute flip-flops or glam wedges so well groomed feet are a must to look absolutely beach fabulous.Book a pedicure pronto if you have plans to hit the waves.And if you don't have time for a full blown pedicure at least make sure you exfoliate, slather on moisturizer by the bulk and paint your nails with neon bights to get them beach ready.

Water Water Everywhere
Being surrounded with all that water might make you forget to hydrate yourself, which is one big mistake.Lying in the sun and sand will leach your body of water so it's vital that you keep replacing the lost moisture by drinking plenty of water regularly.It will not only make your skin and your body stay fresh and feel good, but pep you up to have lotsa fun on the beach.

Hope these tips will help you prep for your next beach visit.Hit it girls and make heads turn!
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