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My Take : Avon Naturals Water Lily & Aloe Hand and Body Lotion

I have weird skin. And I know most of us say that about our skin, but mine really is.I have never been able to understand the needs of my skin since it has different needs for different parts of my body.I have combination skin (veering towards oily in summers and dry in winters) on my face, sensitive skin on my hands, extremely dry skin on my legs and a variety of combination on other parts of the body.So you must imagine how difficult it is for me to zero in on a single product for my skin.Over the years I have experimented and explored innumerable products and though I still haven't found that one great HG body product I make do with home remedies and ok products.So over the course of the next few months I will discuss each of them with you.
This water lily and aloe lotion though has very recently become one of my favorite products.I mentioned it in my Great Bargain Buys Under Rs100 post and I think it deserves a full fledged review.

What It Claims?
Treat yourself to freshness with this light-weight and non-greasy hand & body lotion.Its quick absorbing blend of moisturizers make your skin soft, supple and velvety smooth while leaving a revitalizing fresh water floral scent.This lotion will maintain skin's natural moisture and provide 24 hours moisturization.

Water Lily Extracts, Aloe Extracts, Glycerin, Mineral Oil.
Water Lily is known for its soothing, calming and revitalizing properties. 
Aloe soothes damaged, irritated skin.Is highly moisturizing and helps the regenerative process in damaged skin.
Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin and is a natural by-product of the soap-making process.

Rs 79 for 100 ml 
On Application
The Good:
  1. Its truly light weight and non-greasy with a runny consistency which makes it  great as a hand cream because it is absorbed in the skin within minutes of application.
  2. Even though it is non-greasy it is quite moisturizing.Perfect for summers.
  3. Has a very pleasant smell which lingers for a long time.
  4. It's pretty cheap for a lotion that is so effective. 
  5. I also discovered an added benefit of the lotion,it helps in soothing irritated skin.I applied it after getting my hands waxed instead of the usual astringent and rose water mixture and it instantly calmed my skin.
  6. Dual purpose lotion can be used as hand as well as body lotion with great satisfaction.
After 5 mins
The Bad:
  1. Does not have sun protection which is the only reason why I don't use it in the daytime.An SPF 15 would have made the product irreplaceable.
  2. The packaging is cheap plastic and within a day of using it I broke the flip top.
  3.  It is not suitable for very dry skin or use in the winters, though I still have to try it.
 Love It Or Chuck It?
Absolutely love it for its simplicity, fragrance and soothing qualities.Avon Naturals has other variants of hand and body lotion which look promising like Moisturizing Sparkling Cherry Blossom,Lightening Papaya & Soy Milk,Restoring Apple & Grapes.This is a highly recommended product for your skin needs and won't disappoint you. 

What's your HG body lotion?

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