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Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Style

Easy Ways to Upgrade your style

When the cold weather starts rolling in, you’ll have to pack away your shorts and sandals in exchange for warmer outfits. It’s easy to feel a little sad as you rummage through last year’s sweaters and scuffed boots, but you’d rather do that than drop a ton of money on a new wardrobe.

Surprisingly, most American families spend as much as $1,700 on clothing every year. However, that’s not good for your wallet or the environment. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to kick your seasonal wardrobe up a few notches without going on a massive shopping trip. Here are some tips on how you can upgrade your style:

Toss What Needs to Go

You might adore those black booties you’ve been wearing for the last five years, but let’s be honest: it’s time to move on. Although boots usually aren’t the cheapest item to shop for, it’s important to purchase a pair that will match most of your outfits and hold up for years to come.

If you live in a place where snow or rain is common during the winter months, you’ll also want to search for shoes that hold up in the wet weather. Try shopping at smaller retail stores that have a wide selection of shoes to shop for at reasonable prices. You’ll thank yourself for replacing your old favorites with something new.

Figure Out How to Layer

One second you’re freezing on the subway, the next you’re sweating bullets in your office. It’s often difficult to stay fashionable when the temperature is changing so much, which is why layers are absolutely necessary.

The problem is: pairing jackets, sweaters, scarves, shirts, leggings, and more can leave you looking a little disorganized. Learn to dress in efficient and stylish layers.

Invest in a few light cardigans that look good with every outfit, as well as some jackets that you can slide on over an already prepped look. Not only will you look like you intentionally wore a lot of clothing, but you’ll also stay comfortable no matter where you go.

Bold Colors in the Workplace

Just because winter is coming doesn’t mean you need to embrace boring colors. Don’t be afraid to spruce up your work wardrobe with shades other than black or grey. Try playing around with powder blue jackets or bright red pants.
It’s a useful purchase since you can wear it to work, but you can also pair bright suits with more casual looks. If you hang out with friends after work a lot, the bold colors you choose will also look good when you’re out for the night. You just have to figure out how to dress your outfit up or down with fun colors.

Socks Can be a Statement Piece

Famous designers are producing socks with everything from monograms to little jewels. So, why not show off some of your own socks? Men and women are pairing colorful and fun socks with their daily attire, and instead of hiding them inside boots or under pants, they’re letting their socks make a statement. It’s an extremely simple way to model a little high street fashion without even buying anything new.

Get a Fresh Pair of Tights

When Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Green on Friends, she proved that some ‘90s trends have become true classics. After all, she was pretty much the fashion icon for every young woman at the time. Whenever she paired a cute mini skirt or dress with some black stockings, the fashion world nodded in approval.

Even today, slipping on some dark tights can take your outfit to the next level. Plus, they’ll help keep you warm and allow you to wear your summer dresses throughout the cold season. You can snag a pair for less than $5 at many retailers, so do yourself a favor and toss any of the ripped pairs you’ve been hoarding for years. Purchase a few fresh pairs and rock them with professional outfits or with casual looks.

Get Some Bold Accessories

One of the biggest trends in latest fashion has been large, attention-catching jewelry. From giant colorful earrings to chunky bracelets, designers are making your accessories stand out.

You can easily make any outfit look like something straight out of a magazine by throwing on some funky jewelry, and it doesn’t call for a budget-breaking shopping trip. Men and women have been stepping up their necklace and earring game, so don’t be afraid to hop on this cultural trend and have a little fun with your look.

Have Fun With Your Look

 If you’ve been wearing the same kinds of clothes for years–get out of your comfort zone and try something new. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to get to this point, as long as you’re making the right moves toward increasing your style.

Try to mix and match things you never have before–if you think it looks good, it probably does. Ask your friends for their opinions and try to notice how other people are dressing. It can be tough at first, but eventually you will find a new love for your clothes and outfits you’ve been missing for a while.

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