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My Take : Oriflame Soothing Foot Cream

Being the shoeholic that I’m,obsession with my feet is part of the deal.But I hate fuss of any kind so getting a regular pedicure is outta the question.I normally scrub my heels by a pumice stone everyday and soak them in hot water occasionally, but my idea of a foot cream until recently was a jar of cold cream and I must confess I was pretty satisfied.Then I saw this product in the oriflame catalog and bought it.It looked promising and hola was on a 50% DISCOUNT.
I’m glad I did because I’m hooked.
I could feel my feet become soft instantly after application and a week of regular use made them baby soft,something my pumice and cold cream could never achieve.Plus it smells heavenly a mix of flowers and peppermint candy.
What it claims?
Soothing foot cream with moisturizers,chamomile and primrose to soften and soothe.For best results,remove hard skin with foot-file and massage into feet.
Chamomile is a popular medicinal herb and it's among the safest plants in the
world.Chamomile's natural healing properties are good for the skin and used as a calming ingredient against irritation in many skin products, creams and cosmetics.
Primrose has superb moisturizing, emollient, as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Rs198 for 75ml (I bought it for Rs79)
The Good
  1. A coin sized amount is adequate for feet.
  2. It is in the form of a balm so gets absorbed by skin quickly without leaving your feet sticky and slippery.
  3. Instant results from the very first application itself and continued use leaves your feet really soft.
  4. All natural ingredients.
  5. Staying power is good that is if your feet do not come in contact with water.
  6. Helps in healing minor cracks and combats dryness of feet.
  7. Has a nice fragrance which leaves feet fresh and relaxed.
  8. Tube packaging makes it hygienic and convenient.
The Bad
  1. Gets washed off with water which is a bit of a problem in monsoons.But then again I cannot expect a waterproof foot cream.
  2. Does not have sunscreen.I know it sounds weird but my feet tan easily so I have to apply a sunscreen on top which is a bit tiresome.
Love it or Chuck it?
Definitely love it.So much so that I’m tempted to buy other stuff from the oriflame foot care line especially the Lavender Foot Bath and Overnight Foot Cream.


  1. really ..other day i saw this in our gym where the owner is a member of oriflame..i think i need to try it..:)

  2. Sure go ahead.Highly recommended.

  3. Hurray!!!!Will mail you my details.

  4. OH !!m also using this and m too loving it !! even i was about to review it on my blog :P !!
    nice review !!!

  5. Thanks Deeptima.BTW you have a lovely blog.


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