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Style Diary: It's A Man Thing !!!

For me fashion is experimentation and stretching the limits of normal boundaries.But that does not mean I love looking like a clown.I'm pretty self conscious and if people start staring at me I always tend to think the worst.And that is essentially why I experiment within the safe haven of my home.Even though I tend to keep some of my outrageous creation within wraps(a sequined black jumpsuit for instance) I do tend to test some of the milder ones in public.

I love the idea of men's fashion.It is simple, not at all in your face, less complicated and incorporating it in a gal's wardrobe is easy and free.Just nick some stuff off the males in your lives and you are set.Here are my top 5 picks/nicks : 

Men's Shirt
This one's an all time classic and you can never be ridiculed for it.I loved Carrie in Mr Big's shirt and that's how my fixation with baggy shirts began.You can belt it on the waist and wear it as a shirt dress, wear tights or better still stockings underneath it, or simply wear it over a spaghetti top and jeans( a la Kristen Stewart).These days I'm totally digging the purple and black big checked shirts and plaid ones.If you'd rather wear something a little less baggy you could buy one in a smaller size.But make sure you buy from the Men's department!!!

Watches With Gigantic Dials A.K.A. The Boyfriend Watch

Who wants to wear dainty watches when you could flaunt big dialed watches that are oh-so-manly.This is the simplest way you could adopt a guy's style without being guilty of over indulgence.Keep in mind that the size of the dial should be relative to your wrist, it should be over sized without looking too clunky.Team it with dainty bracelets and bangles to add a hint of femininity and you are good to go.

White tee, denim shorts and suspenders all combine to form the ultimate fashion statement.It is chic,quirky and not to mention manly.I'm still hunting for these though.For some reason they are eluding me.A couple of month's back I did spot a tee with suspenders but since it had atrocious rips and sequins I let it pass.Maybe a DIY in progress.

This is strictly for indoors.But I love the sight of guys in their boxers (only). Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.And these things are damn comfy.The checks do add to the old world charm.If you are adventurous enough you could try teaming it with a tank top and gladiators for a spot of shopping in the heat.

I'm basically addicted to flowery fruity female scents but perfumes with the Homme tag  always gives you an edge and I'm not talking about the monotonous musk but something more ethereal.And for some reason these last on your body longer than our female counterparts.These day's I'm loving Grey Flannel which I nicked from my dad.It smells like crushed wild leaves and plants, it's warm and fiery.Every time I wear it, I'm guaranteed second glances.I'm almost on my my last dregs of  'my precious' so next up I want to try Joop.Smells eternally manly.

So what's your man thing?
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