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A Lazy Sunday Well Spent – Two Eye Looks

My sister and I can hardly spend more than an hour together without either getting into an argument or worse a fist fight but a lazy Sunday prevented us and actually gave us lots of bonding time over makeup.Normally since Sunday is the only holiday for us, we are mostly out, but since my sister is recuperating from a bout of viral and I was coping with a month’s worth of laundry(still am), we stayed in.
My sister is actually a novice makeup enthusiastic but a good one at that.Both of these looks were created by her and experimented on me.We used whatever we had on hands and the whole thing took about an hour with me bickering and her slapping my hands away from the mirror.You see I don’t really trust her with makeup.That is until now.
She also clicked the pictures(barefoot out in the garden with an army of ants on our case).Each look was done on either eye and finished with Jordana Blush in Sandalwood and NYX Round Lipstick in Fig.

1. Natural Day Eyes
natural day eyes

  • Cover Girl Clean Makeup Foundation used as a Concealer
  • Cover Girl Pressed Powder all over the eyes
  • Colorbar Blush Peachy Rose on eyelids and under eyes
  • NYX Long Pencil Eye in Black on waterline and upper eye line
  • NYX Long Pencil Eye in Brown on brows
  • Oriflame Wonder Lash Mascara on lashes

2. Smokey Night Eyes
smokey night eyes

All in all it was a Sunday well spent.Except for the laundry!!!

PS: I just started using Windows Live Writer as an offline blog editing tool and I'm totally loving it.It is better than Blogger's editing tool and makes editing images a walk in the park.Plus you can easily add alt tags to your images without actually going into the HTML code.It gets a thumbs up from me.Try it and let me know what you think. 

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