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Rules Of Use : Makeup For Round Face

Do you know that a round face shape can make you look younger by years.My sister is blessed with the perfect face shape - Oval but despite being 5 years younger to me she always ends up looking older than me.Even though this might seem a huge consolation for having a less than perfect face shape, my cherubic appearance prevents me from having those enviable chiseled cheekbones and angular lines.Recently I learned that with a few makeup tweeks and tricks it is possible to minimize the roundness of face and make it look longer.The basic idea is to detract from the roundness of the face by drawing attention to the center of the face.All of the following tricks work on this basic principle.

1. Two Tones
Instead of using a single shade of foundation, use two.One that is an exact match of your skin tone and the other which is one or two shades darker.In order to focus on the center of your face start by dotting the lighter shade in the middle of the forehead down the bridge of your nose(slightly extended on either side) and chin.Blend well.Next use the darker shade on areas you want to recede.Dot some on your temples, hollow of your cheeks and along your jawline.Blend well including the blurring line between different shades.Use concealer to camouflage any spots and blemishes.

2. Fluff Powder All Over
Use loose powder with a teeny bit of shimmer or better still opt for mineral powder all over your face.The iridescence will reflect light which will draw away from the roundness.

3. Use The Right Blusher
Blusher should always be applied to the apple of your cheeks.To create the illusion of high cheekbones you would again have to resort to two tones of blusher.Choose colors to compliment your skin tone and make sure they don't clash.Smile to locate the apple of your cheeks and apply the lighter blusher with upward strokes moving towards the temple.Then use the darker blusher on the hollow of your cheeks, by making a fish face.You could also skip the lighter blusher and straight away apply the darker one to the hollow of your cheeks.This will help you bring your cheeks to the forefront and make the area under your cheeks recede.

4.Focus On Lips
By doing this you make sure that attention remains fixed to the center of your face.Go for darker shades like reds and browns with shimmer and glossy finish to catch light.If you prefer lighter shades then top if off with gloss.Don't apply the gloss all over but only on the cupid's bow.

Contouring is another technique by which you can cut the roundness of your face.But it involves a lot of patience, technique, experience not to mention special makeup and brushes.If you are still interested in it browse youtube for ideas.

Flaunt your round face with these tips.   

My fave Hollywood Round Faces



  1. Yea, I have a very round face. So true that it makes us look younger! I get asked everyday which year of High School I'm in and I'm like I'm 25!

    These are some good tips, I already knew about the cheeks but will try the foundation trick too.

  2. @Burcin:Glad you liked the post.

  3. Great post! Sincerely- a round faced girl.


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