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My Take : NYX Round Lip Gloss

The NYX Lippies are a sensation all over so my first online haul saw me buying the round lippy in Fig from Cherry Culture.But honestly I am a gloss female and prefer them any given day.I had never owned a red lipstick/gloss and since I was apprehensive about an out and out red lipstick I thought I'd pick the round glossy in True Red.
The haul arrived and I loved the gloss more than any other makeup item I have ever owned.The moment I applied it, it just transformed me in my pj's and floppies to glam diva (I hope I'm not exaggerating too much), without any other shred of makeup.Now whether the red was to blame or the gloss is highly debatable.
Convinced with the glossies as a bunch of true mu saviors, I ordered another two, this time from Shop Craze.I would have ordered more but was not too sure about shades.
And then came Whipped and Real Nude.My affirmation in the round glossies were etched in stone.And now I will stop blabbering and breakdown the review.

What It Claims?
NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss has 36 pretty shades to highlight the sexy pucker of yours. Feels silky smooth, long lasting and the color in the bottle is the color on.
NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss is a must have for all sexy girls.

Swatches :

 The swatches on my hand are totally different from how it shows up on my lips.That's probably because my lips are quiet pigmented.Whipped is more on the beige side though it appears pink.Real Nude shows up as pinkish mauve while True Red is not true red but rather a raspberry red with a pinkish tinge to it.Whipped is a popular shade but I won't recommend it if you have a pale complexion.Although it would look awesome with black smoky eyes.

Price :
$2 for 2.5 ml at Cherry Culture

The Good :
  1. They are super smooth and glide on easily.
  2. The applicator is fab.It's slightly tilted which ensures that the product comes on evenly and makes application a breeze.
  3. It is not too sticky but rather it's more on the creamier side.
  4. The color payoff is excellent.Though I haven't tried their pigmented shades a tiny bit of True Red gave instant color.
  5. It is pretty lasting considering the price(excluding shipping for me).Real Nude and Whipped being less pigmented but more glossy, after two hours the gloss was gone but I could still see some color on my lips.A dab of lip-balm and they are back to their original glossy hue(reapplication would have resulted in the color being more pigmented).
  6. Although some people complain about their packaging and the stopper coming off, I had no such problems and was in fact pretty satisfied with the packaging.
  7. Does not dry out your lips.Though i would still recommend using a balm before application.

The Bad :
  1. Lack of shade swatches.You could try Google and other blogs for the swatches(they are pretty common everywhere), but only a select few shades are swatched.I found this great video on you tube for the swatches of all shades and although it was pretty close I was still not very satisfied.
  2. They have too many pinks and nudes in the 36 shades selection with browns, peaches,corals missing.
  3. My nose is my weak spot and if my stuff cannot smell exceptional then it should have no smell to it.This gloss smells slightly lemony and reminds me of ointment or liquid detergent.Thankfully the smell is not lingering and fades away minutes after application but  if you have a sensitive nose this might pose a problem.
  4. Only available online.NYX stores in India are currently not stocking these.
Love It Or Chuck It?
Love it, lust it, fantasize about it and totally drooling over it.I have already planned  a major online NYX haul for Diwali and this is definitely going to feature as the number one buy.But I'm so done with pinks now and lack of options in corals and browns is disappointing.Still I have a few on my hot list Apricot,Frosted Plum,Vamp Red and Chocolate Mousse.

Which color would you pick?



  1. whipped and real nude are my colors :D ill give them a try :) tanz for sharing :) awsum blog u gt and am followin u :)

  2. Thanks Shweta :)
    do try out the shades and tell me your thoughts.

  3. Thanks for the review. I think I'd love to try the True red for my morena skin, and my lips are not naturally pigmented as yours. Never tried the NYX prodst before, but after reading your recommendation, it's something I'd love to try! -Mar
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