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Rules Of Use : Eyelash Curler

Hey I'm back...and hopefully for good.I went on a tech free sabbatical for the last month and a half.A much deserved one too might I add, although I'm not too unhappy to be back.I missed writing reading and above all commenting.And thanks a ton to all of you who still continued to read my blog(and pass on awards too thanks Jiya) and noticed my absence.Honestly I was not expecting it.In fact I was scared of being lost in oblivion.So without wasting more time I'll get on to what Ive lately realized I do best - write.
When I first saw an eyelash curler I have to admit I was quite intimidated.It looked like a scary contraption and I was pretty skeptical about even bringing it anywhere near my eyes.But as my love for all things make up started blossoming sooner or later I had to start using the contraption.And now that I do, I wonder what was all that melodrama about.Trust me it's easier than applying moisturizer once you get the hang of it.And the results are eye popping(pun intended).

An eyelash curler basically creates a dramatic upward curve at the base of the lash.By lifting the lash up and away from the eye it makes the lashes appear longer and the eye appears to be more open and wide.Plus it makes mascara application a breeze.
There are a variety of eyelash curlers available.If you are a newbie then buy the Vega one which I did.It costs around 60 bucks and is great for experimenting without burning a hole in your pocket.Here are my rules of use:
  1.  Start off with clean dry lashes.Also the rest of your eye makeup should be in place.
  2. Open the curler and place it as close to the base of your lashes as possible while looking straight into the mirror between the rubber strips.
  3. Gently close the curler.If the skin pinches remove and do it all over again this time a little farther than previously.Apply firm pressure and count till 10.
  4. Move the curler towards the center of the lash and apply light pressure and count till 5.You could skip this step. 
  5. Repeat for the other eye.
  6. Apply mascara.
Tips :
  1. Apply light pressure to achieve softer natural curl.
  2. You could curl your lashes while opening or closing your eyes, but if you open your eyes it will give you a closer curl.
  3. Never use it after applying mascara or on wet lashes as it will damage them. 
  4. Over time the elasticity of the rubber pad on the curler breaks down so it is advisable to change the pads every 4 months.
  5.  You could try heating the pads with a blow dryer for maximum effect, however you have to be very careful or you might end up burning the delicate eye area.However it is better to curl lashes several times.
  6. Try and buy curlers with rounded pads instead of square ones to achieve natural curls. 
That's all there is to it.And it hardly takes a couple of minutes.

PS: I promise to be regular with my posts but they will be far spaced for a few days so just bear with me.I lost all my drafts to the ravages of viruses.Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Great insight, thanks. You ought to visit the Lashologist Council of America, they're the industry group for the eyelash industry.

  2. Hey i never use this eyecurler.. i am scaring if it damage my eyes or eyelashes.. Does it really have any side effects?

    Kurtis online

  3. @Tristan: Nope, eyelash curlers work great as long as you know how to properly use one


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