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Why I'm In Love With Lacto Calamine

Lacto Calamine has been like a skin Messiah for me ever since I can recall.It has helped me get out of some very crazy skin emergencies but that is not the only reason for me loving it so much.The fact that its so versatile has made me keep a bottle handy(no matter the size) for years.Case in point.A couple of weeks ago I was gearing up for a big family wedding and on a whim I decided to bleach my face.Big mistake.Ten minutes with the bleach on and my face starts to itch like mad.I wash it off and to my horror my face is full of red rashes all over.My worst nightmare thrice visited.This happens a day before the 'd' day.I acted quickly and slathered LC all over and miraculously half an later the rashes had considerably calmed down though it took another slathering and a nerve racking night for it to finally subside.
Over the years I have been using LC for almost everything (skin) under the sun and so I decided to share today how this baby has become an irreplaceable part of my skin care regimen.

As a night pack/cream
This tip was actually given by a guy.And though sounds weird coming from a guy it works wonders.I don't do it everyday but usually only when I have dry splotchy skin with zits threatening to pop any second(read a couple of days before my periods).I simply apply a nice thick layer all over my face and sleep it off.In the morning I wash my face with water and trust me try it a couple of times and you would see results.Just remember not to massage or rub in the lotion or it will get absorbed too quickly.The idea is to let it seep slowly.

As a cleanser
For some odd reason LC has the amazing property of sucking out dirt like nothing else and for this reason it acts as a wonderful cleanser.After a hard day in dust and pollution I apply a thick layer of lotion all over and wait for 5 minutes.Then I wipe it off with a cotton.All the dirt and grime comes off in a jiffy.And since it is water based it never clogs your pores.Splash your face with water and moisturize if need be.It also helps to remove mild makeup but nothing extreme mind you(liner/mascara)

As a base for makeup
I know people with super oily skin like me(only summers) can afford to use this as a makeup base cause it can be a bit drying.However it gives nil coverage.So why do I use it?Simply because it does not make my face oily ensuring makeup stays put unlike on top of a moisturizer which just aids in melting the makeup away.I apply lacto generously then use a concealer/foundation to cover up flaws(yup I have many), then  finish off with loose powder.The makeup stays for longer and I need less touch ups.Maybe this only works for me but it is highly recommended if you have oily skin.

To sooth skin after waxing
I have pretty sensitive skin and I almost always get these red bumps and rashes all over after a wax.Applying lotion or astringent only makes it worse.Once when I ran out of lotion to apply after a wax on a whim I gave Lc a shot.Not only did it soothe my skin I didn't get any rashes or unsightly bumps.Since then it has become a regular for me after a wax or threading.

Apart from the above I use Lacto for helping me with blemishes and occasionally as a sunscreen(because it contains Zinc Oxide an active sunscreen ingredient).But whatever the reason(s) might be nothing can replace the love I have for it.


  1. love it, love it, love it!

  2. Cleanser... hmm, that's new. I never thght of using it as cleanser, I tend to use oilier creams. Is it drying of used as cleanser?

  3. @Tanveer:Yeah it works like magic.It does tend to be a bit drying but that is perfect if you have oily skin.

  4. I have used it for ages but lately it gives a greyish tint to my face. So I have stopped using it. :(

  5. @Sunu: Try mixing moisturizer.

  6. Hmmm gotta try that but am on a skin treatment regime and the doc has advised me to stay away from any moisturizers or anything of that sort on my face except pressed powder, Lacto calamine and a sunscreen she suggested.

    So gotta wait until the doc says. . .

  7. I too am in love with it
    Thats why read the article
    Lactocalamine lotion has cleared my acne safely
    And gave me back my natural and glowing skin
    I love it.


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