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My Take: Khadi Aloe Moisturiser

Hey I know I've been on and off the radar for the last couple of months but I'd like to blame a lot of people(mostly my bitchy boss) and other stuff(awesome vacation) for it.But I felt like someone from outer space when I checked the blog-space, so I thought I'd better start posting.So here I'm.And yeah happy new year to all of you.
So winters are almost over and no one could be more happier than me to be rid of horrible, dry flaky skin.This time though my woes were more pronounced thanks to me experimenting around with bleach and my acne ointments(nothing severe just run of the mill one's).The medication made my skin super sensitive because of which the bleach reacted in the most horrible possible way and I had to cope with severe dry skin until I started using this awesome product.Khadi is not a big shot brand but an offspring of the Indian cottage industry, but boy was the blogging world raving about it.Unfortunately these are not easily available so I immediately picked up this bottle at a local khadi fair(only to stumble upon a huge Khadi shop at the local market a few days later).Ever since, there has been no looking back.Within a week of regular use I had my soft skin back with no signs of dryness.So let's get to the business of reviewing it.

What It Claims?
Spreads easily.A non-sticky moisturizing lotion.Keeps skin soft and supple.Imparts excellent moisturizing and antiseptic properties, minimize fine lines and provide more youthful complexion to skins of all types

Rs 80 for 210 ml

Aloe-Vera,Wheatgerm Oil,Neem, Holy Basil, Honey, Stearic Acid(derived from Rice bran oil),2-Phenoxy Ethanol,Parabens and contains no artificial colorant.

The Good:

  • It does deliver on its promise of keeping skin soft and supple without making it overly oily
  • Did not cause any breakouts
  • Suited my combination skin perfectly and was moisturizing enough for my mom's dry skin.So it does suit all skin types.
  • Excellent as a hand cream cause it gets absorbed instantly
  • It's pretty economical too and the bottle lasted me all winter
The Bad:
  • The smell is really awful.Although it does go away after a little while.I like my products to smell nice and fresh and not like medicine
  • It's not easily available everywhere.I really had to hunt for it
  • I tried using it as a body lotion a couple of times but it was too drying
Love It Or Chuck It?
Love It.Simply for bringing my skin back from the dead.And since I've found the store which guarantees an uninterrupted supply I'm loving it even more.A must have(if you can find it) if you are battling with dry skin.They also have a rose version which I'm planning on trying but only if it smells better than this one.
PS:I changed the colors of the blog.Feeling experimental.Please let me know what you think good or bad.


  1. I am going to try this now..I too have dry skin and had a very bad reaction to turmeric. Horribly dry skin. Khadi is so hard to find though..:-(

  2. Yup Khadi is hard to find but worth the effort.
    As for your dry skin, use Johnson's baby cream.It really works miracles.

  3. Great..i love using baby products. I used curd and milk twice daily and it really helped to combat the dryness. my skin's almost normal now.


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