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Skintillating: To The Rescue

makeup tricks to recsue  
We madly love our skin and would go to any lengths to care for it.But sometimes we are left in a lurch waiting to be rescued.So here are some of my rescue tactics/products/remedies.These have never failed me and I hope you can benefit from them.

Dry Patchy Skin
Or in other words the worst winter woe.And me with the perpetual oily skin is a victim(winters only).No matter how much you moisturize if you always end up with flaky skin then this one's for you.
Tactic: Scrubbing.It helps you get rid of all the dead skin to reveal softer skin beneath.Immediately follow up with a moisturizer.You can scrub every other day.Best option besan(gram flour) and malai(cream).It scrubs without leaving skin dry.
Product: Johnson's baby cream.It works wonders on patchy skin.Another great option is Emoderm/Emolene(available at medical stores).It actually moisturizes skin without making it oily and is perfect for those with combination skin and I happily use it during summers too.
Remedy: Mashed banana.Apply on clean face.Here are the details.

Our skin will not be our skin if we don't get zits(even the occasional one's).But since zits always follow the Murphy's Law, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" or translation a zit will appear the night before it's not supposed to, it's always a good idea to be prepared in advance.
Tactic: Toothpaste.The second you see a zit threatening to ruin your life dab on some toothpaste.It definitely tempers the inflammation and redness although it does not make it disappear.Makeup can take care of the rest.Apply a tiny drop on the zit and leave overnight.In the morning dab lukewarm water.Don't peel it away or it will leave a scar.
Product: Clinguard.It will not only help clear the zit but also takes care of any blemishes it might leave.Though this a prescribed ointment and if you have any doubts clear it up with a dermatologist.It does not give immediate relief but takes at least a couple of days.Make sure to apply it only at night though because it makes skin a little photo sensitive.
Remedy: Disprin.Crush one tablet with a little bit of water to from a paste and apply.It helps mellow down the inflammation and prevents blemishes.Read more here.

Chapped Lips
For me chapped lips are one of the many excuses to indulge my obsession with lip balms, but at times balms do fail you and then I resort to these alternatives.
Tactic: Toothbrush.Prevention is better than cure and toothbrush is the key.Every morning after brushing my teeth I use the toothbrush to scrub my lips.It removes all the flaky skin asap.
Product: Boroline.I keep a tube of boroline at all times not only for it's lip altering powers but for almost anything(will post about it).A pea sized will cure your lips in a blink no matter how horrible the chapping might be(especially in winters).But since it smells gross and looks pasty when applied I have a strictly use at night only policy.
Remedy: Honey+Vit E.Mix the contents of a vitamin e capsule with half tsp of honey and apply on lips overnight.Drink plenty of water and never lick your lips constantly.If you have nothing at hand you could also use Ghee.

Frizzy Hair
Or my worst nightmare twice revisited.Though I have not faced this problem since my rebonding I still remember my struggle with frizz.There are a number of reasons for frizzy hair: Humidity,chemical damage,too much blow drying,product build up and yeah the worst heredity in which case god bless you.Frizz can definitely be controlled if not altogether terminated by trying these.
Tactic: Cold Water.Always always wash hair with cold water.You could use lukewarm water to rinse conditioner but make sure the last rinse should be cold.The cold water helps to smooth the hair cuticles making hair smoother and frizz free, whereas hot/warm water makes your hair rougher and prone to frizziness.
Product: Livon Silky Potion.The market is overloaded with loads of anti-frizz products but this is the only one that has worked for me.And my hair cannot simply survive without it.
Remedy: Water+Vinegar.Imbalance in the hair's pH levels also result in frizz.The best way to counteract it is by using equal parts cold water and apple cider vinegar(or any fruit vinegar) as a last rinse.

Brittle Nails
Your nail chipping off right after a great manicure is a pretty frustrating, but the more important issue here is why?Nails are basically an indicator of one's health and if you have brittle nails it indicates deficiencies of vitamin B complex and calcium.Too much exposure to water can also lead to brittle nails
Tactic: Teabag+Nail Paint.If you break a nail use a small strip from a tea bag and place it over the tear.Apply nail paint over it.Use a couple of coats to seal in the tear.My sister once tried using fevi quick but she had to pay for the repercussions(her fingers got glued together) so this is a simpler alternative.
Product: Biotin+Calcium.These supplements will internally take care of the problem.There are quite a few products for brittle nails though I've not tried any.
Remedy: Olive Oil+Lemon.Soak your nails in hot olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice everyday.The oil moisturizes the nails and makes it stronger and the lemon helps to whiten nails.

Cracked Heels
I love my feet as much as I do my face.Reason?I love strappy sandals.So I have to work extra hard to keep my feet as good as my face.Cracked heels are commonly caused by dry skin, and made more complicated if the skin around the rim of the heel is thick (callus).So the best way to avoid cracked heels is to keep them moisturized.
Tactic: Pumice Stone.It helps to scrub away dead skin.Soak feet in hot water for 5 minutes.Apply a moisturizing liquid soap/shampoo and use the pumice to scrub concentrating on the heels.Dry off and apply a foot cream and wear socks to let the cream soak through.
Product: Oriflame Soothing Foot Cream.I just have one word for it AWESOME.And though it's not specifically meant for cracked heels it helps just the same while smelling great at the same time.Check the review here
Remedy: Vaseline+Lemon.Soak feet in hot water and follow up with the pumice stone.Mix vaseline with lemon juice and apply on heels.Wrap a crepe bandage to seal in the Vaseline and wear socks.Do this every night before sleeping and you will see results in a week.Also wear socks whenever possible until your heels are better.


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