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My Take: Lakme Rose Powder

  Lakme Rose Powder Review,Loose Powder

Loose powder is an essential part of your makeup arsenal but most women skip it.Until a while ago I used to be one of them.You could mostly attribute it to sheer laziness and the fact that I never knew it’s importance.Then I started out with compact.Loved it and decided to give loose powder a chance.I tried out the Oriflame loose powder and I could understand what the hoopla was all about.I finished with it a month ago and ever since I’ve been lost.And the reason I didn't replace it immediately was because I couldn't find a good enough brand to replace it with (and I had sworn off Oriflame totally).Then I stumbled across the Lakme Rose Powder.This is the first time I’m using it and I’m already in love.It’s everything I could ask for and some more.And the best part is the price.It’s so damn cheap.It smells fresh,is easy to apply and suits my skin to the tee.

What It Claims
“Foundation make-up in a powder format- gives a flawless radiant look.Contains rose fragrance to keep you fresh, contains sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays.”

Rs 85 for 40gms

 Shades Available

rose_softpink              rose_warmpink
  • Soft Pink for fair skin
  • Warm Pink for Wheatish to dusky skin
I have it in the shade Warm Pink.This shade is perfect for me(although I didn't have much of a choice since this was the only shade available).

 Talc, Zinc Sterate, Cyclopentasiloxane,Titanium Dioxide, Aluminium hydroxide, Steric Acid, Perfume,Rosa Damascena Extract; may contain CI 77491, CI77492, CI77499, CI12085, CI77891; Phenoxy Ethanol, Butyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben

Lakme Rose Powder Review,Loose Powder

The ingredient list is not very impressive with talc and loads of parabens(and god knows what the hell CI is) but since the product has not caused any adverse effects as yet I’ll turn a blind eye.

The Good
  • Is perfect for setting foundation.Better than using compact which gives a caked look.This one gives more of an air-brushed finish. I would recommend using a powder/kabuki brush instead of the puff provided for better finish.
  • Blends easily into the skin without settling into pores.
  • It gives medium coverage when applied over tinted moisturizer without making face overly pale.
  • Helps control excess oil.A swipe over your face and it’s back to its former glory.
  • Did not cause any break outs.
  • Very economically priced.
  • The powder smells like fresh roses which is an added bonus.
  • It’s available everywhere which is a big advantage especially if you live in a smaller city.
The Bad
  • Although the packaging is sturdy, I wish it had a screw cap inside.The press on lid makes a lot of mess while taking out which results in wastage.
  • The puff provided is of no use.
  • Not travel friendly(but loose powder is not meant to be applied on the go).
  • Claims to contain sunscreen but I highly doubt it.And even if it did it would be of no use.
  • Contains parabens.But then again every other product does.
Brand Comparison
 The Oriflame powder was good enough but it had more of a yellow base unlike the Rose powder which is more pinkish.And the price difference is also pretty vast.I would definitely give Lakme a thumbs up for their loose powder.

Lakme Rose Powder Review,Loose Powder

Love It Or Chuck It?

Oh love it for sure.At this price nothing else can beat it.It delivers while smelling great at the same time.Highly recommended.


  1. It's the parabens you are worried about?? The talc is something I would chuck it for.

  2. @Jacqueline:Yeah Talc too, but almost every other product contains it so it's difficult to abstain.Though recently I've come across a great alternative that's free of talc and parabens.It's the mattify cosmetics ultra translucent powder.You can read the review:

  3. lakmes products are the worst .......revlons better for sure......

  4. @Anonymous:Lakme has definitely improved over the years and their products are inexpensive compared to Revlon plus more accessible.Do give Lakme another chance!


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