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My Take: Mattify! ULTRA-Powder for Oily Skin

Mattify! ULTRA-Powder for Oily Skin Review
What It Claims
If you battle with extremely oily skin, Mattify! ULTRA is the answer!This amazing translucent powder is a multitasker that absorbs oil all day long and keeps makeup looking freshly applied.Mattify! ULTRA  is composed of the same Kaolin Clay and Cornstarch used in our famous original formula, but also includes the oil absorption power of Rice Powder, Silica Microspheres and Titanium Dioxide.This finely milled wonder formula is your answer to a matte, shine free complexion for hours.The Silica Microspheres in our formula not only work to absorb oil but also scatter the light to blur fine lines and pores.The Kaolin Clay works to keep your pores clean, paving the way for a healthy, acne free glowing complexion.

Mattify! ULTRA-Powder for Oily Skin Review
Mattify! Application
Mattify! ULTRA can be applied before foundation as a primer to aid in oil absorption and provide a matte base for makeup.It can also be applied after foundation for added absorption and to set makeup for hours.This is one of the rare cosmetics items out there that is even perfect for men with oily skin.It instantly creates a matte complexion with no noticeable colouring or residue.If you have oily skin also plagued by acne, use a good exfoliant to remove any dry flakes that could be caused by your acne treatment.You want to make sure your skin is flake free before using this powder because it has a tendency to cling to dry areas.You can apply Mattify! with a fluffy powder brush or a powder puff by patting it onto the skin(if applying it over foundation, do not rub, pat until the formula disappears into the skin.)
  • Combination Skin:Apply only to oily areas.Shine free finish should last about 8 hours.
  • Oily skin: apply either immediately before or after foundation.Shine free finish lasts about 6 hours.
  • Very Oily Skin: Apply both before and after foundation.Shine free finish last about 4 hours.Can be reapplied over existing foundation with out disturbing it.
  • Dry Skin: Not recommended.The powder will stick to dry flaky areas and make hem ore noticeable.
  • Men: Apply using a fluffy powder brush, dusting in circular motion to blend into the skin.Dust away excess with the brush.
  • Dark Skin: Apply generously before foundation.If using alone, or after foundation, blend with a fluffy brush circular motions to buff the product into the skin making it invisible.
$12.99 for 30 Gram Sifter Jar + $1.50 Shipping anywhere in the world
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The Good
  • It delivers on it's promise of keeping your face shine free almost all day long.
  • It has a lovely texture which spreads easily using a powder puff, flocked sponge, kabuki or a fluffy powder brush.
Mattify! ULTRA-Powder for Oily Skin Review
  • The formula is pretty light and will not weigh heavy or cakey on your skin.It blends beautifully and gives a natural finish.
  • Contains natural ingredients which are pretty adept at controlling oily skin.
  • Though the powder looks a ghastly white in the container it applies translucent.The trick is to buff it properly using a fluffy powder brush or a flocked sponge.
Mattify! ULTRA-Powder for Oily Skin Review
Mattify! ULTRA-Powder for Oily Skin Review
  • Gives a matte finish without looking over the top unlike tinted powders.
  • The lasting power is pretty decent and I don't have to worry about constant touch ups.Depending on the weather and my crazy skin temperament, this lasts anywhere between 4-6 hours easily.
  • It can double up as a primer for your eyes as well as your face.In fact I apply it both before and after my foundation and my base stays put forever.
  • Did not irritate my skin which is pretty sensitive these days.Nor did it cause any breakouts which is my primary concern when it comes to powders of any kind.
  • A little quality is adequate for covering the entire face specially if you are using a brush.On hotter days I apply using a flocked sponge which gives better oil absorption and even then I don't use a lot of product.
  • Contains Titanium Dioxide which acts as a sunscreen.
The Bad
  • Although it's excellent for mattifying your skin, I doubt the blurring fine lines and cleaning pores claims.Not because I don't trust the product, but simply because logic dictates that a face powder is not capable of such tall claims.Yes the powder is very light and blends easily without accentuating fine lines and pores but it won't camouflage them anytime soon.
  • At 12.99 I found it a bit on the expensive side but considering how awesome it is I'll happily loosen my purse strings.
  • Since I'm fair skinned the powder blended beautifully on my skin tone but I have my doubts about darker skin tones.They have come up with a tinted version of the powder which would be more suitable for darker skin tones.Though the powder is easy to buff and blend it would merge with darker skin tone if used sparingly.
  • Though the packaging is pretty sturdy and the sifter dispenses the right amount of product, I wish it also came in a travel friendly compact version for easy on the go touch-ups. 
  • Only available online which for me is the worst part because that means long waiting periods.
Love It Or Chuck It
The humid season had me and my skin in a horrible meltdown before this wonder product.That's past ever since I started using Mattify Ultra.It's not your regular run of the mill translucent powder but it's a beauty product endowed with super makeup powers.It sets your makeup, keeps shine at bay and doubles up as an excellent primer.What more could you ask for in a face powder?And to top it all of it's super skin friendly made with natural ingredients.You'll love it and your skin will most definitely love it.
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I'd love to know which makeup product you rely on to keep your makeup stay on all. day long.
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