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Peek-A-Boo: Mattify Cosmetics-Products For Oily Skin

Mattify Cosmetics-Products For Oily Skin Review Haul
If your skin is afflicted with the frying pan syndrome (when your face resembles the bottom of a frying pan after a hard day's work), if loose powder makes your face cakey and  finally if you've been dreaming of makeup that was meant exclusively to suit the whims of your oily skin then ladies the answer is: Mattify Cosmetics.A mineral makeup brand dedicated to churning out products for oily skin.And honestly I couldn't be more ecstatic, since I'm afflicted with the worst frying pan syndrome ever these days and Mattify Cosmetics was just what I needed. So you can imagine my joy at receiving Mattify goodies to review.

Mineral makeup is all the rage these days, specially because these do not contain any harmful chemicals and Mattify Cosmetics is all about mineral makeup with the added onus of being the only brand that caters to oily skin needs.

Mattify products contain Kaolin Clay base that absorbs 3 times its weight in oil, making your makeup last longer and preventing your skin from being overly oily.

I received a sample baggie of Mattify Original and full sized jars of Mattify Ultra, Mattify Bronzer and four Mattify Sparkling eye Shadows along with helpful instructions on how to use them.

Mattify Cosmetics-Products For Oily Skin Review Haul
Here's a sneak peek at each of the products with detailed reviews coming up soon reviews are here.

Mattify Original (Sample Baggie) and Mattify Ultra ReviewMattify Original (Sample Baggie) and Mattify Ultra
Their best selling Mattify Powder for Oily Skin, has been doing the rounds of beauty blogs all over and has received rave reviews.Mattify Powder for Oily skin comes in three variants to suit individual skin care needs: Mattify! Original, Sensitive, and ULTRA. Each of these 3 formulas promise to absorb oil from your face while protecting pores from getting clogged by foundation, and preventing makeup meltdown.
The entire line of Mattify Transparent Powder can be worn in five different ways:
  • Alone to minimize redness, pores & acne, while also absorbs oil
  • Before foundation as primer to prevent acne & protect pores from makeup
  • After foundation to create an airbrushed pore less finish and help makeup last
  • BEFORE  and AFTER foundation for maximum oil absorption and skin clarity
  • As an eye shadow primer to prevent creasing and allow for long lasting eye makeup

Mattify Bronzer is a medium toned bronzer that will suit all skin tones.And the best part is that it won't make your skin oily.It can be dusted all over with a fluffy powder brush to fake a sun-kissed glow or applied more precisely by using a powder puff, for targeted "tanning" and a darker golden shimmer.Can also be used with a powder puff or cosmetic wedge to contour and slim the arms, legs, nose and cheeks. And can be added to your favourite lotion to create an all-over glow.The bronzer is formulated with the same base as the original Mattify Loose Powder which means it has excellent staying power and will not irritate even the most sensitive of skin types.

Mattify Sparkling Eye Shadow in Cotton Candy, Twilight, Woodland Fairy, Iced Apricot  Review And Swatch Shades from left to right: Cotton Candy, Twilight, Woodland Fairy, Iced Apricot 

Mattify Sparkling Eye Shadow contain the same Kaolin Clay mixture as Mattify Original Powder - giving them a superb oil absorbing base and staying power.Theses babies can be worn as Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Lip Gloss and Nail Polish, making them mean little multitaskers.And the colours are absolutely gorgeous with the prettiest names.I had a really hard time choosing shades.You can order these eye shadows and avail free shipping even for international orders which is a sweet deal considering how gorgeous these are.
Their range of oil control products are not the only reason why Mattify has won me over.They have an amazing customer service.Prompt with answering all your queries and super friendly, making your shopping experience a delight.And if you need any more reason to shop with them(as if), then they have jaw dropping shipping prices.You get free shipping on all eye shadows anywhere in the world and a flat $1.50 each for the loose powder and bronzer.The powders are also available in super sized jars which will be shipped free anywhere in the world.Recently they have also launched a tinted version of the Mattify Powder which will provide coverage along with oil absorbing prowess, and I'm anticipating these to be as big a hit as their original loose powder.

If the Indian monsoons are anything to go by then Mattify is a definite must have this season.These products pack a punch and will solve all your oily skin woes in a jiffy.And if you have already fallen in love with Mattify, stay tuned for a lovely Mattify surprise coming soon.

For more information on products and prices check their website:
Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for review.Read Review Policy for more information.


  1. These look great. I have super oily skin so mineral makeup is better for me. I'll try them out hopefully.

  2. @Rakshanda:Totally agree!!!
    @Nivedita:Yeah I know :)
    @Madame:These would suit your oily skin try these out.I'll post detailed reviews soon.

  3. This looks great! I always have the problem of oily skin and this seems like this product that can fix it! Thanks so much!

  4. Where can we buy these in india ?


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