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Quick Fix: 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair In A Jiffy

Quick Fix: 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair In A Jiffy
ONE: Cornflour
Cornflour works as a dry shampoo.The reason it's called dry shampoo is because you don't need to rinse the shampoo after using it.The cornflour acts as an absorbent - it soaks up the grease residue on the hair, leaving the hair looking clean.

Store cornflour(used to thicken gravies) in a salt shaker and sprinkle on greasy hair roots generously.Wait for a few minutes and then comb through.Dust off excess using a towel.

TWO: Hand Sanitizer
I know I'm obsessed with hand sanitizers but I have every reason to specially since these are so versatile(read how to clean makeup brushes using hand sanitizer here)The alcohol content in the hand sanitizer will help absorb excess oil and freshen up your hair.

Pour some on the palm of your hands and dip your fingers in it and then massage the sanitizer onto greasy hair roots.The alcohol based product will make your hair less greasy and will vaporize quickly without the need to wash off.

THREE: Perfume
This is the yummiest smelling way to get rid of greasy hair.And the reason behind using a perfume is again the alcohol content in it.

Spritz perfume onto greasy hair roots from about 2-3 inches away.Using your fingers blend the perfume into the roots.You could also use this as a hair freshener apart from an effective quick fix for greasy hair.

FOUR: Toner/Astringent
Toners and astringents are notorious for their alcohol content which might be a bad thing for your skin but just might be a blessing in disguise for limp and greasy hair.If you're using toners strictly for your greasy hair woes then I'd recommend buying the cheapest one available since it will have a higher alcohol percentage.

There are two ways to go about it.Either you can store the toner in a spritzer and use it like you would a perfume on hair roots or you could pour some onto a cotton ball and rub it onto greasy spots to eliminate oil.Both work excellently to get rid of oily hair.

FIVE: Wet Wipes
Wet wipes do seem like a weird way to get rid of greasy hair but if you look closely at the ingredient list you might think again.Wet wipes contain the magic ingredient to get rid of greasy hair: Alcohol.And the best part about this method is that it works not only on greasy hair roots but also limp strands because of its form.

Take a wet wipe and rub it all along greasy hair strands and roots.In fact scrub as vigorously as possible.Let it dry naturally and voila! greasy hair is history.

These quick fixes provide an easy way to get rid of limp greasy hair instantly, although these should not be substituted for shampooing (I can hear the lazy and mighty groaning!) and should be used in moderation.Alcohol which is the key ingredient here in majority of the tricks, though great at getting rid of oily roots might also strip your hair of natural oils so tread with caution.If you suffer from extremely oily hair I recommend washing your hair every other day and using less conditioners and other hair products.Having said that I hope that these 5 fixes will prove helpful.

So what do you think of these quick greasy hair fixes? Do comment and let me know.



  1. useful tips Sonia ... though I have dry hair but they tend to get oily in this humid weather ... I will definitely try out these methods

  2. Great post....very informative. Loved it, thanks for sharing :)Great post....very informative. Loved it, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Is alcohol safe for the hair ? will it not make them dry ?

  4. Great tips, I use cornflour and I think it works well and it's inexpensive too, but I'd be afraid to use too much alcohol on my hair...

  5. Nice Tips..Sonia..Talcum powder also helps a lot in quickly fixing greasy hair.

  6. @Shalini:do let me know how these tips turn out.
    @beautydiva:Thanks sweetie.
    @Bhumika,@Gaby:Too much alcohol is definitely bad but once in a while in dire emergency you could use the alcohol based tricks.Just use in moderation and you'll be fine.
    @Prachi:Yup tried talcum powder.Works like a charm.

  7. This is the post I have been badly looking for! These are soo helpful I just cannot explain it to you. Thanks thanks so much!


  8. My sister took the rubbing alcohol away from me when i tried to use it cause I had none of the thins on that list so I decided to go with the baby powder trick which works just fine but if you add a little water on the baby powder you don't have to use as much baby powder I suggest this trick the most it is fast easy and safe!(For hairs and for skin)


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