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Quick Fix: Squeaky Clean Brushes In Less Than 2 Minutes

Clean Makeup Brushes In Less Than 2 Minutes
Yup you read it right.Squeaky clean brushes smelling fresh in less than 2 minutes and that includes the drying time as well.I hope I have you hook line and sinker and if you’re thinking that it’s rocket science well it ain’t.The solution is more plain.Read on and find out how you can clean your brushes in less than 2 minutes.

Normally you would either use an expensive brush cleaner solution to clean your brushes or you’ll concoct one yourself.But the problem with both of these is the drying part.Every time I clean my brushes the drying process either leaves my brushes shedding hair all over cause the water has seeped through to the glue part or my brushes are left way too harsh.Which is exactly what happened to my Vega blush brush.I blamed the brand and the quality but surprisingly my brush cleaning skills were at fault which I realized when I used this technique.And it’s simple as hell.So onto the real deal:    

What You’ll Need
  • Hand Sanitizer Liquid (I’m using Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer which contains moisturizer and Vitamin E )
  • Dirty Brushes
Step 1:

Clean Makeup Brushes In Less Than 2 Minutes
Pour a few drops of the hand sanitizer onto your palms (make sure your hands are super clean or the entire purpose would be defeated).The amount depends upon the size of the brush.It is always better to start out with a lesser amount and increase it as required.

Step 2:

Clean Makeup Brushes In Less Than 2 Minutes
Dip the brush with bristles down onto the sanitizer on your palms.Swirl it in the liquid for a few minutes till it is absorbed.The bristles should feel slightly moist (not dripping wet which means you’ve used way too much in which case wait for it to dry out completely before attempting anything else).If the brush feels too dry add a few more drops to your palm and repeat the entire process.Make sure you cover all sides of the brush.

Step 3:

Clean Makeup Brushes In Less Than 2 Minutes

Clean Makeup Brushes In Less Than 2 Minutes
Repeat Step 1 and 2.This step is optional and will only be required if you trying to clean stubbornly dirty brushes like your eyeliner brush.

Step 4:

Clean Makeup Brushes In Less Than 2 Minutes
Hold the brush upright for a few minutes till it dries out.And ta-dah, you’re finished.

The Upside Of The 2 Minute Technique
  • Fast (duh!!!)
  • Cheap.You can easily clean a brush in a few drops of the sanitizer.This one cost me around Rs 50.
  • Not only cleans the brush but removes all traces of bacteria and germs.
  • No water required.
  • Zero drying time.
  • The above two mean that you can use it on the go.
  • No worries about shedding of brush hair or the brushes going out of shape since it dries up instantly.
And Yeah There Are Some Downside
  • Not suitable for very dense brushes since its difficult to get the liquid in the core of the brush.
  • Although the shedding of hair is reduced considerably all the swirling action might loosen a few hair.So be very gentle.
Cleaning brushes is as imperative as washing your face, since you are using these brushes on your face.Normally the powder/blush brush can be cleaned after every 3rd or 4th use but the foundation and eyeliner brush should be cleaned every time you use it, since these are more susceptible to germs.And that is were this technique comes in handy.Although you should wash your brushes once in a while the regular way too (will do a post on that soon).Try out this technique on your eye lash curlers too since they are also in contact with your eyes.Add a drop to the pads and wipe off using cotton.

And that’s about it.Do try out the technique and let me know your thoughts on it.


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