Spotlight: Beauty EStore

Korean beauty and fashion trends are making huge waves currently specifically products like the Blemish Balm cream which loads of beauty fanatics are raving about.

Spotlight: Review
But BB cream is not the only Korean beauty product worth your attention when you come across, an online Korean fashion and beauty store.You will find all kinds of beauty products from toners and cleansers to serums and packs.And of course the thing that started the trend, BB creams.Although they do have lots of work to do on their fashion segment.

Spotlight: Review offers top notch Korean beauty brands like Ciracle, Caolion, Liz K, Rojukiss and Gatzmen exclusively for men.

Spotlight: Review
Currently in their fashion segment they are offering really cute multi-hued zipper pouches.

Spotlight: Review
So if you're in the mood to do some Korean flavoured shopping is the perfect place to go to.

My Take: Omved Tired Foot Soak

Omved Tired Foot Soak Review
What It Claims
Rejuvenate and refresh sore and tired muscles with this blissful pampering soak. Therapeutic minerals and aromatic oils cleanse and condition while neutralizing odors.
  • Mineral-rich, Himalayan pink rock salt is a cleansing agent, drawing out impurities and toxins from the body and relaxing the tissues.
  • Epsom Salts eases stress, relaxes stiff muscles and aching limbs and softens skin.
  • Clary Sage is an antibacterial muscle toner and eases soreness.
  • Cooling Peppermint relieves aching feet while de-odorizing.
  • Lemon is a circulatory stimulant. Relieves stress and revives hard-working feet.
This stimulating blend is also wonderful to stimulate cold hands. Dip into this luxurious soak and nourish your feet, relax your mind and heal your body.

100% natural. No synthetic agents. No parabens, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, glycols, phthalates, synthetic colours or perfumes.
100% pure therapeutic essential oils, blended in cold-pressed plant oils.
Contains only 100% herbal actives - pure botanical extracts combined with salts Himalayan pink salt, Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) & essential oils of Peppermint (Mentha piperita) oil, Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) oil and Lemon (Citrus limonum) oil. 100% biodegradable formula and easily recyclable packaging.

Omved Tired Foot Soak Review
How To Use
Warm water in a pail (water level deep enough to reach your calves). Pour 2 tbsp. of soak into warm water. Place both feet into pail. You may use some undissolved salt granules to gently scrub your feet. Be seated comfortably and soak feet for 15 minutes or until you start to perspire. Pat dry & moisturize. This can be done 2-3 times weekly. If suffering from sleeping difficulties, soak just before sleeping. Can also be used as a soak for hands.

Rs 300 for 100gms
Available online at Omved Store

The Good
  • This baby is a treat for sore, tired feet.Works its magic within 5 minutes of soaking as you feel all your muscles relaxing and start to feel the effects of all the scrumptious ingredients(lemon, peppermint,salts).
  • Instant mix for an at home spa experience since it contains everything from essential oil to salts.Just add candles, Chopin and you’ll never want to splurge in a spa ever again.
  • The essential oils along with the hot water make feet super soft and smelling fresh.
  • Natural products always gets a thumbs up from me.
  • Love the packaging specially since the jar can always be upcycled.
The Bad
  • Smell is way too strong for me although you do get accustomed with time. 
  • Works out expensive since a 100gm jar is just sufficient enough for 3-4 uses.
Love It Or Chuck It
I love versatile products specially when they come in pretty little crystals like the Omved Tired Foot Soak.Absolutely fuss free since you only need to add a few tablespoons to warm hot water and you are good to go.Not to mention effective at getting rid of dead skin and any aches and soreness.Great after strutting your stuff in 4 inch heels.Love it.
Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for review.Read Review Policy for more information.

Style Diary: It's A Man Thing !!!

For me fashion is experimentation and stretching the limits of normal boundaries.But that does not mean I love looking like a clown.I'm pretty self conscious and if people start staring at me I always tend to think the worst.And that is essentially why I experiment within the safe haven of my home.Even though I tend to keep some of my outrageous creation within wraps(a sequined black jumpsuit for instance) I do tend to test some of the milder ones in public.

I love the idea of men's fashion.It is simple, not at all in your face, less complicated and incorporating it in a gal's wardrobe is easy and free.Just nick some stuff off the males in your lives and you are set.Here are my top 5 picks/nicks : 

Men's Shirt
This one's an all time classic and you can never be ridiculed for it.I loved Carrie in Mr Big's shirt and that's how my fixation with baggy shirts began.You can belt it on the waist and wear it as a shirt dress, wear tights or better still stockings underneath it, or simply wear it over a spaghetti top and jeans( a la Kristen Stewart).These days I'm totally digging the purple and black big checked shirts and plaid ones.If you'd rather wear something a little less baggy you could buy one in a smaller size.But make sure you buy from the Men's department!!!
Watches With Gigantic Dials A.K.A. The Boyfriend Watch

Who wants to wear dainty watches when you could flaunt big dialed watches that are oh-so-manly.This is the simplest way you could adopt a guy's style without being guilty of over indulgence.Keep in mind that the size of the dial should be relative to your wrist, it should be over sized without looking too clunky.Team it with dainty bracelets and bangles to add a hint of femininity and you are good to go.

White tee, denim shorts and suspenders all combine to form the ultimate fashion statement.It is chic,quirky and not to mention manly.I'm still hunting for these though.For some reason they are eluding me.A couple of month's back I did spot a tee with suspenders but since it had atrocious rips and sequins I let it pass.Maybe a DIY in progress.

This is strictly for indoors.But I love the sight of guys in their boxers (only). Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.And these things are damn comfy.The checks do add to the old world charm.If you are adventurous enough you could try teaming it with a tank top and gladiators for a spot of shopping in the heat.

I'm basically addicted to flowery fruity female scents but perfumes with the Homme tag  always gives you an edge and I'm not talking about the monotonous musk but something more ethereal.And for some reason these last on your body longer than our female counterparts.These day's I'm loving Grey Flannel which I nicked from my dad.It smells like crushed wild leaves and plants, it's warm and fiery.Every time I wear it, I'm guaranteed second glances.I'm almost on my my last dregs of  'my precious' so next up I want to try Joop.Smells eternally manly.

So what's your man thing?

A Humble Lip Balm To The Beauty Rescue

Obsessed with lip balm are we? Well don't fret cause there are loads of females(and males too) who share your obsession with the humble lip balm, (lip conditioner, lip butter call it what you will).And now I'll give you seven more reasons to fuel your obsession with the lip balm.

Quick Eye Gloss 
The most important trick to smoky eyes is the smudging and nothing does it better than a lip balm.Coat a liner brush generously with eye shadow and mix with some lip balm warmed on the back of your hand, and use it to line your eyes.Alternatively you could apply your liner the usual way and then smudge it with a q-tip coated with a bit of lip balm.In order to avoid creasing and excess smudging make sure you use a very tiny amount of lip balm.This would give your eyeliner the rocker oomph plus make creating smoky eyes a walk in the park.And this is an ideal way to apply mineral eye shadow specially if your are a novice.You can learn more about getting the perfect sultry smoky eye in less than five minutes here.

Dry Skin Be Gone
Winters spell the worst woe when it comes to dry skin.If you keep getting dry and flaky around your mouth, cheek and nose then don't worry cause the lip balm will come to your rescue.Rub some clear lip balm onto the tips of your fingers and warm the wax by rubbing them together and press onto face, concentrating on areas that tend to flake and dry faster, such as around the mouth and nose, as well as the apples of the cheeks and chin.This trick works like magic to help get rid of flaky skin without clogging your pores plus acts as an extra layer of protection against cold elements.

Frizz Control
Don't you just hate carrying full-sized hairspray, gel and wax in your purse just to tame those out of control frizz.Well now you can make do with a simple lip balm which by the way can multitask.Because of it's waxy texture, lip balm makes for a great replacement for hair products.It adds gloss and shine without weighing hair down and making it too oily and gets those pesky flyaways under control.Rub lip balm along your palms and rub together to warm it up and apply like you would apply hair serum.Just remember to use sparingly.

Lip Colour To Suit Your Fancy
Custom lip colours are easy to create when you have access to a tube of lip balm.Just apply to your lips, dip lip brush in your favourite pink, red, berry or plum loose mineral eye shadow and sweep across your pout.This trick will help create a long-lasting satin finish lip colour.You can also add lipstick to get lasting colour.It’s also a great way to try out a new colour before committing to a full tube.

Instant Cream Blush
Cream blush gives that dewy finish that can never be achieved with powder or mineral blush.But the problem is that cream blushes are not easy to come by (not to mention the expensive price tag).But if you own a tube of lip balm(duh!) you have an instant cream blush substitute.Start by applying powder blush to the apples of cheeks, then blend lip balm with fingers over blush with a tapping motion. For a softer effect skip the powder blush and go for a pink/red lip balm.

Eyebrow Groomer
Lip balm provides a waxy texture that brow powder can easily cling to, plus it creates a nice sheen to the finished brow style.Rub a little lip balm onto fingers, and then onto brow, and use the spooly end of a clean mascara wand to brush and style hairs in place. Your brow powder and style will last all day.

Lashy Lashes
If you are not a big fan of the mascara but still want a conditioned flirty lashes then lip balm is the way to go(also works when you have 5 minutes to get ready and out of the house).Simply rub it onto the tips of eyelashes for shine and definition.

If up until now you haven't found a justified reason for keeping a lip balm on you at all times, I'm sure you will now after reading this post.So it's time to stock up on those tubes ladies and take the obsession up a notch.

Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses!

The best part of the Oscars, is that we’re all invited to the after-party.  You know, the time after the awards when we rip certain celebs apart for their bad taste or clamor for the hottest dress or hairstyle.  It’s all in good fun, because in Hollywood, award ceremonies or Project Runway; one day you’re in and the next day you’re out!  Here are some of my best/worst picks for the night.

Lets start off with men. Boring! I can’t really say there was a worst dressed, because I don’t believe there was.  The closest I’d get was Bradley Cooper’s hair. I love his hair slicked back, but not sure about shellacked back.  The other hair loser was Eddie Redmayne.  His hair was a cross between a Gotti boy, Jersey shore and a True Bood, SNL spoof. The best looking men were the ones who actually brought some color and life to the carpet.  Daniel Day Lewis rocked a Domenico Vacca blue tux.  Normally this would look tacky, but his stature, hair and skin color really complement the blue.  My other pick for best-dressed male is Stephen Marinaro, aka, TheSalonGuy, who was on the other side of the mike for the night.  His brown and black suit by Malan Breton really stood out, showed some personality and rose to the elegant occasion.

Best Dressed

2013 Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses~Jessica  Chastain
Jessica Chastain – Killer curves in Armani Prive.  Veronica lake hair, perfect skin color and red lip to brighten her face. A step above monotone makes it classic, timeless beauty expected to be at the Academy Awards.
2013 Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses~Jenna Dewan
Jenna Dewan’s black lace dress was perfect with her baby bump.  Open back for some sex appeal and a perfect v cut in front.

Worst Dressed

2013 Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses~Anne Hathaway
2013 Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses~Brandi Glanville
Anne Hathaway, Brandi Glanville: Nipple Dart offenders

2013 Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses~Reese Witherspoon
2013 Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses~Kristen Stewart
Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Stewart – Tiny titty, suction cups don’t work. Don’t smash them, please!

Best Accessory

2013 Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses~Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan
Jenna Dewan tops the list with her husband, Channing Tatum.

2013 Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses~Quvenzhane Wallis
Quvenzhane Wallis’ cute puppy purse was perfect for her and she seemed to really love it.  It was great to see some fun and personality.

Best Makeup

2013 Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses~Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah always has great makeup, so I was glad she moved away from her usual neutral lips to a bright berry.
Shirley Bassey knocked it out of the park. Super glam.
Jennifer Chastain makeup was angelic.  Her makeup artist really deserves an award because it’s very difficult to bring all those colors together and not make her look like a clown. Red lips, shimmer apricot blush, red/ginger hair, flawless.

Best Hair

2013 Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses~Shirley Bassey
Shirley Bassey’s hair looked very natural, shiny and voluminous without being tortured into place.
Jennifer Chastain resembled Veronica Lake.  Soft, beautiful waves but not crunchy.  The color was shiny, vibrant and not fake looking which can happen when you move into the red hues.

Worst Host

Piers Morgan was asking everyone to give him their best loser face when they lose in their category.  Ewww, so awkward and celebrities had no idea what to do.

Worst Overall

 2013 Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses~Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter – Very Miserables and a hot mess. Bad hair, bad dress.  Looks like she stepped out of the flower market from My Fair Lady.  She has that crazy, homeless lady look and it’s a shame because she does have a very pretty face and could easily be in the best category if done right.

Best Overall

For me, the show-stopper was 76 year young, Shirley Bassey, She brought it all to the stage.  Hair, makeup, dress, shoes, jewelry.  That was a lot of look to pull of and she did it with grace, elegance and ease.  Glorious and can’t wait to see her in concert.

Biggest Question of the Night

Watching these awards every year, I keep wondering one thing. When are they going to have someone at the bottom of the stairs to help all the women get to the top?
The Beauty Buster Dishes On Oscar’s Best Beauty Hits... And Some Misses!
by Lora Condon, Author, Makeup Artist for GMA and celeb Esthetician.


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