What is the Safest and Most Effective Organic Sunscreen?

First, let’s study the difference between Chemical Filters and BIOSOLIS Mineral filters;

  • Chemicals UV Filters penetrate the skin; they transform the UV rays and are toxic for Humans (due to oestrogens).

Note that they are also dramatic for nature (Viral infections to coral life). Most of the time, they are associate to poor and toxic ingreditents! (parabens or derivatives, Silicones, mico plastics… you name it!)

  • Mineral UV Filters used to leave a white layer on the skin surface; they would also penetrate the skin due to their nanoparticles.

So BIOSOLIS revolutionized the Mineral UV Filters, making them invisible, non-toxic and very efficient in term of sun-protection and anti-aging. BIOSOLIS is also eco-friendly; the ECOCERT labeling certifies the respect of the environment in term of production and use of the product.

BIOSOLIS uses safe ingredients only; they don’t penetrate the skin and remain invisible on the skin surface. There are no nano-particles in BIOSOLIS. BIOSOLIS does not use petrochemical products and the line is completely free from silicone oils, paraffin, and synthetic fragrances. All formulas are pollutant- free, respectful of our skin and our planet.

What are the ingredients at the base of BIOSOLIS success?
Active Ingredients are: Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxyde to create a reflection at the surface of the skin (Mirror Effect with UVs). These scientist names should not scare you, they don’t penetrate the skin, and they don’t end up into your body or blood stream.
The formula is 100% Natural and always associated with qualitative anti-age, nourishing and healing ingredients.    

  • Rare Organic Karanja Oil: anti-age, nourishing and repairing (skin and hair).
  • Organic rapeseed oil: maintains elasticity and contributes to healing of skin
  • Organic carrot extract: nourishing action
  • Organic sunflower seed: nourishes and regenerates
  • Organic avocado oil: softens, regenerates, and heals
  • Organic jojoba oil: hydrates, softens, improves skin elasticity
  • Organic sesame oil: stops free radicals, prevents ageing
  • Organic Argan oil: hydrates and nourishes
  • Shea butter: nourishes dry and sensitive skin
  • Organic calendula extract: calms and nourishes sensitive and irritated skin
  • Beeswax: softens, smoothes, and hydrates

How To Use Makeup To Cover Spots

Having acne is an issue which is, unfortunately, happening to us way into adulthood. Putting makeup on when we get spots can be challenging as we don’t want to irritate them further. But we want to look perfect for a night out. There is some great makeup we can use to ensure that we cover those spots and help others think you have clear skin.

Moisturize and Cleanse your Face First!

Before putting on makeup, you need to ensure your face is fresh and clean. By cleansing it first, it will make it easy to apply. It will look better as well, as it will reduce any redness that might be there and help to stop any breakouts to occur. Once you have given it a thorough wash, you can then moisturize your face so that it gives you a good base to start applying some makeup.

Make Sure it's Oil Free!

Another thing you should know about applying makeup when you have spots is to ensure the makeup is oil free. You will already have a high amount of oil on your face if you are suffering from acne, so you don’t want to make it worse. You need to check the back and see which ingredients are in there. As it says in this article, you should opt for mineral-based cosmetics rather than ones full of oil. They will help to hide any redness without irritating your skin further.

Skintillating: Essential Guide To Skin Perfection

We all crave perfect skin, yet most of us would claim we’ve never achieved it. Blemishes, scars, dryness, and discoloration are among our pet peeves. When we strive to achieve a flawless finish, we spend hours carefully applying cosmetics to cover up the things we dislike the most about our skin. Of course, there is far more than hiding it away that can be done.

Blemishes come when dirt becomes trapped in the pores. This may come from the environment or excess oil secretion. Hormone changes are often responsible. To avoid this happening, keep your hands and fingers clean. It’s amazing how many times a day we subconsciously touch our faces. Remove all makeup thoroughly with quality cleansers and toners.

You can also improve your diet and water intake to help cleanse your skin from the inside. Some diets have also been known to help correct hormone imbalances. You can also ask your doctor about hormone treatments if you are regularly suffering from related problems. Such treatments can help restore the glow to your skin and make you feel better inside.

Sometimes we make choices in youth that we regret later on. Tattoos are commonly hidden despite costing the wearer money and pain to acquire. Workplace rules may prevent you from revealing your tattoo, or you may have just moved on in life. It is possible to receive laser tattoo removal to help your skin return to a more natural looking appearance.

Varicose veins and thread veins can also look unsightly. These too can be removed, so the appearance of your skin is greatly improved. Other cosmetic treatments that can have a dramatic effect on your looks can include chemical peels and dermal fillers. But there are plenty of things you can do to help your skin look as healthy as possible.

Eating healthily will show on your face. Skin will appear clearer, bright and hydrated. However, eating junk food will show on your face even more. Smoking and drinking alcohol will also dull your skin. You may end up with puffiness and dark circles to contend with too. A good diet full of all the foods that provide the nutrition you need is ideal.

Drinking plenty of water can flush the skin of toxins, and keep it hydrated. This is especially important when you are exercising. Sweating is very good for the skin. When we sweat we lose essential fluids, so be sure to top up with water to rehydrate. Exercising also improves circulation to the skin. This provides essential blood supply to the cells to keep the healthy.

They say that sleep cures all. It certainly does a lot for our skin. When we’re asleep, the cells in our body regenerate. The muscles relax to help reduce those frown lines too. Best of all, it provides the rest the whole body needs for us to feel good in the morning.

There are plenty of things you can do to improve the condition of your skin. This, in turn, will help create the perfectly flawless look you are going for, without the need for makeup. Look and feel beautiful today.

Super Fast Makeup Routines For Every Scenario

We women are busy creatures, and time is always of the essence. However, there are some occasions where we are even more pushed for time than usual. With this in mind, here are four scenarios you might find yourself in, and how to apply a great makeup look even when the clock is ticking.

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Scenario 1: You’ve Woken Up Late For Work

We’ve all had the horrible feeling of suddenly waking up and seeing we’ve missed our alarm! Panic! If you need to get to work, finding time for your makeup just as important as showering and dressing!

When it comes to your makeup in this scenario, you just need to cover the basics. Apply your foundation. You can skip the primer for one day; use a spritz of setting spray instead, it’s quicker. Skip the bronzer too, and apply some blusher. Skip the eyelash curlers, and apply a curling mascara instead. Skip lipstick too; this takes too long to apply neatly. Dash on some lipgloss instead. Finish with a dusting of powder and you’ll be good to go in just six steps. Phew!

Scenario 2: You’ve Finished At The Gym But Are Going For Drinks

Sometimes when we finish a workout or exercise class at the gym, we are able to go home and slump in front of the TV! However, sometimes plans might mean you need to go out afterwards. It’s obvious that post-Gym makeup will go on far better if you’ve washed your face before you’ve exercised. That way, no grime or under-eye stains will have built up. 

You can then wash once more, and you’ll be good to start applying. You’ll have a natural glow for working out, so you can skip the foundation and blusher. Just use a tinted moisturizer instead. The tint will sort out any discolouration while the moisturiser will quench thirsty skin.

Mythbusters: 3 Skincare Myths Debunked

We all want beautiful skin, but with so much advice and so many warnings out there, it can be tough. How do you know what is clever advertising, media bias or good advice? Read on to see three common skincare myths debunked for good!


High SPF is the best sun protection!

Sadly, many people still think that a high SPF in your sunscreen means it will be doing the best job of protecting your skin. However, it’s slightly more complex than that.

The sun’s ray are three different kinds. There are UVA rays, UVB rays and UVC rays. The first changes the pigmentation of your skin. These are the rays that give you a suntan. They go deep into the skin, hence their ability to change you skin tone. On the other hand, UVB rays are the ones that burn your skin, primarily. If you’re feeling a little confused, luckily you don’t have to worry about UVC rays. They never even make it to you, getting absorbed into the atmosphere before they have the chance.

This means that you need to be sure that you are protecting yourself from both UVA and UVB rays. When you read the SPF, this is usually only referring to UVB rays. As it doesn’t cover UVA rays also, which can also be damaging, you need to find one that protects against these too. The next time you buy a bottle of sunscreen, ensure it has UVA and UVB protection, and never go below a factor 15. Increase your minimum factor based on how hot the sun will be.

Facelifts make you look fake!

Let’s be honest. The media has done a fantastic job of demonizing plastic surgery. Sensationalistic stories are what some newspapers, magazines and websites make their money from. They publish pictures depicting the very worst jobs. Whether it be a plastic-looking forehead or overly big lips, we’ve all seen the photos. Some of us will have been totally put off by them. 

However, it’s important to remember that these media depictions are extreme scenarios. In reality, facelift surgery is far more subtle and far more effective. The result is one of enhanced beauty. It’s wise to remember that the media is biased. Make your own decisions on plastic surgery and facelifts without that negative influence.
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