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How To Use Makeup To Cover Spots

Having acne is an issue which is, unfortunately, happening to us way into adulthood. Putting makeup on when we get spots can be challenging as we don’t want to irritate them further. But we want to look perfect for a night out. There is some great makeup we can use to ensure that we cover those spots and help others think you have clear skin.
How to use makeup to cover spots

Moisturize and Cleanse your Face First!

Before putting on makeup, you need to ensure your face is fresh and clean. By cleansing it first, it will make it easy to apply. It will look better as well, as it will reduce any redness that might be there and help to stop any breakouts to occur. Once you have given it a thorough wash, you can then moisturize your face so that it gives you a good base to start applying some makeup.

Make Sure it's Oil Free!

Another thing you should know about applying makeup when you have spots is to ensure the makeup is oil free. You will already have a high amount of oil on your face if you are suffering from acne, so you don’t want to make it worse. You need to check the back and see which ingredients are in there. As it says in this article, you should opt for mineral-based cosmetics rather than ones full of oil. They will help to hide any redness without irritating your skin further.

Use Concealer!

One of the main ways people use makeup to cover their skin is by using a concealer. It’s a great way of hiding any breakouts. You need to ensure you find a concealer which is the closest possible to your skin color. After all, you don’t want different tones on your face, as people will instantly be drawn to the spot. Once you have found one, you can start using it to cover that pesky spot. Make sure you pat the concealer on, rather than spreading it as you might end up putting more bacteria on your face which causes spots.
Use Foundation!

Another way you can use makeup to cover spots is by buying a great foundation. You will need to decide which foundation to use. When making the decision between powder foundation vs liquid foundation, you need to consider the benefits of both. Liquid foundation is good for covering spots as it hydrates the skin because it’s oil and fragrance-free. Powder foundation can be good for covering spots as well if you choose a mineral- powder which is oil and fragrance-free. Remember to use a good color which will blend in with your skin tone well. And remember you don’t have to apply it all over your face. As we discuss here, just apply it to problem areas, so you give the rest of your skin some breathing space.

Whatever you do, you need to ensure you take it off at the end of the day. Otherwise, you will wake up with irritated skin.

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