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Freshly Shopped: In Sickness And In Health

Freshly Shopped: In Sickness And In Health
What would an ordinary girl, down and out with flu do?Stay in bed, indulge in fluids and sappy black and white movies(my personal favourite being Roman Holiday).Maybe.But I never aimed to be ordinary.So a while back(this post has been long overdue!) when I got flued, the only thing I wanted to do was shop.Maybe to break the movie rut or maybe because I’m a certified shopaholic.

So my mom who has become wise in the ways of the Internet these days told me: “Shop online na.” But if you’ve ever been in the league of the extraordinary shopaholics you know that shopping online just ain't the same.So I got outta bed and got haulin', nothing fancy but just some random stuff.
If you need reviews just let me know.

L'oreal HydraFresh Foaming GelL'Oreal Hydrafresh-Instant Freshness Foaming Gel (Rs 250)
Bought this on a whim.I have never tried L'Oreal Skincare products and this seemed like a good place to start.

Matrix Biolage Hair SerumMatrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Serum (Rs 295) 
The Matrix range was highly recommended by a friend but I've been faithful to Schwarzkopf for a while now and since hair serum does not count as cheating, I decided to give this a try. 
Khadi Pudina Scrub Khadi Skin TonerKhadi Cooling Skin Toner-Roset(Rs 65) and Khadi Pudina Scrub Gel(Rs 110)
I simply got these because I had to have some Khadi.Plain and Simple.

Wet Wipes Clea Cleansing & Makeup Remover Wipes (Rs 36)
Orange Wet Wipes looked interesting so got them.Plus you can never have enough of wet wipes.

Maybelline Watershine Lipstick Flormar Supershine Nail PaintMaybelline Water Shine Lipstick in C22 (Rs 210) and Flormar Supershine Nail Paint in 09 (Rs 70)
Lately I have been obsessed with Coral and the lippie and nail paint serve my Coral fetish to the hilt.

The Body Shop Nail Polishing BlockThe Body Shop Nail Polishing Block (Rs 195)
This is my favourite outta the whole haul.I tested it in the shop and I'm simply amazed at the results.Also got a few samples with the purchase-Dreams Unlimited Perfume Vial and Shiso Whitening Serum Pouch. 

Fab India Lip Butter And Aloe Face PackFab India Aloe & Cucumber Gel Face Pack (Rs 295) and Fab India Lip Butter in Plum Passion (Rs 75)
Never tried Fab India beauty products before.They do have quite few great products but since I've never tried anything before I decided to play safe. 
Eat Pray Love By Elizabeth GilbertEat Pray Love -Elizabeth Gilbert (Rs 350) 
I knew the high from my shopping trip would soon die and I would return to sappy movies.So to give my DVD Player a break for it's own good I got the book.For some odd reason I never saw the movie, and the book seemed interesting.



  1. hey fab haul sonia..!! I have used khadi kesar peeling scrub..its nice..

  2. That Flormar nailpolish colour is fab! I never watched this movie either. God knows why! Dint read the book either!:P

  3. Nice haul. Nothing like shopping to make you feel better!

  4. @Rakshanda:Yup over the last week I haven't regretted buying a single thing.
    @Bhumika:Actually I wanted to haul the entire shop but my better sense prevailed ;)Will try the kesar scrub next time.
    @Ik:My thoughts exactly.
    @Poohkie:That's true :)

  5. Hey, plz share where did u get Clea Orange Wet Wipes 10s pack with MRP Rs. 36.


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