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BnB's Anniversary Celebrations: Win Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush

In the last giveaway I asked the readers what do they love about Beauty And The Blog and most of them said giveaways.Well me too! They are total fun and great way to make some new friends.Some may call it bribing but I call it sharing the love ;)

So to give you another reason to love Beauty And The Blog more and to continue the anniversary celebrations here's another giveaway for you to participate in.When I joined the Sigma affiliate program, they generously offered to host a Sigma F80 giveaway.For some reason I never got around to it.And now is the perfect opportunity.

Sigma F80 has been in the limelight ever since it's launch and most beauty crazed bloggers swear by it, including me.It's not just a makeup brush but its everything you would want in a makeup brush.By virtue of which I have awarded it the makeup brush that I simply cannot live without.And if you want to know why read  My Take on Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush.You could also check out Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush at

Anyhoo coming to the giveaway, I decided to try out another ingenious giveaway software Rafflecopter this time around(for the baggy giveaway I tried punchtab).And so far I'm loving it.Creating and hosting a giveaway is a piece of cake with this baby.While punchtab is great , it does not support customization of giveaway entries.And that is where Rafflecopter scores.Currently though it's still in it's beta phase so if something smells fishy do let me know.This giveaway is more or less a test run to see how it fares(because I have more awesome giveaways coming soon).

The rules are simple and mentioned below.Any doubts feel free to comment.
All the best!!!

UPDATE 16-08-11:
Winner Announced.Congratulations Tani Joy.

UPDATE 19-08-11:
Had to pick another winner since Tani Joy did not respond to the notification mail.Shivani Sud Thakur is the new winner.Congratulations.  



  1. Nice way to encode entries. very convenient. :) But I missed writing my FB name for the facebook entry. Should have been just Joan Macawili. Hope that's ok. :)

  2. @Shivani:Thanks :)
    @Joan:Rafflecopter has made hosting giveaways really easy.I got your FB name don't worry.

  3. I was wrong and I did put the "Post The Giveaway On Your Wall", but I did not make this requirement! ok

  4. Yay done all the entries...I so wanna win this!!!

  5. @Pooja: All the best :)
    @Meg:You're welcome sweetie :)


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