15 Super Cool Beauty Tricks Using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

If I were marooned on a deserted island and could take only one beauty product with me, then it would have to be a tub of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly without a beat.Vaseline has been acting as the Knight in Shining Armour to my skin ever since I can remember.Life without it would indeed be very difficult.And if you're thinking that I'm exaggerating, I hope you'll change your mind after reading these 15 super cool beauty tricks using Vaseline from my personal beauty tricks arsenal!

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, the humble jar of petroleum jelly that was discovered over 150 years ago has become an integral part of our daily lives today. It was originally discovered to be of medicinal use during World War II, when it was used to treat minor cuts and burns. This wonder product has today become a household, medicinal and even beauty staple with multiple uses!

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly undergoes a three step purification process which involves hydrogenation and double filtration, thus resulting in the purest form of petroleum jelly. Over time, this versatile product has become widely known for its excellent skin moisturization properties, as it forms a protective layer on the skin and traps in all the skin’s natural moisture.

It's amazing how many things you can do with one little jar of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.Consumers have discovered unique and innumerable uses for this marvellous product! It’s most commonly known to treat chapped lips, cracked heels, dull and dry elbows, rough and ashy knees, minor scratches, and now you can put it to 15 super cool beauty fixes.
  1. Mix a quarter tsp Vaseline with 1 tsp water to make instant hair serum.Rub onto the ends of frizzy hair to make them super slick and shiny.
  2. Apply a tiny amount of Vaseline on the centre of your temples, cupid's bow and bridge of your nose.Blend well.Voila! your very own Vaseline highlighter.
  3. Concoct a gentle body scrub by mixing equal parts Vaseline and Sea Salt.Rub the mixture in circular motion all over your body and wash it off using warm water.
  4. Use Vaseline to remove eye makeup in a jiffy.Take a small amount of Vaseline and gently massage onto your eyelids making sure to cover your eye lashes as well.Take a wet cotton pad and wipe off.Vaseline normally does not irritate the eyes but use sparingly just to be safe.
  5. Rub Vaseline on and around your nails before applying nail paint, to prevent nail paint from sticking to your cuticles.Plus the nail paint also applies better when nail is coated with Vaseline.
  6. Coat the tip of a q tip with Vaseline and use it to smudge your eyeliner for a Smokey Eye effect.(Read Smokey Eyes In 5 Minutes Or Less for details.)
  7. Apply a generous coat of Vaseline on your lips and then using your regular toothbrush exfoliate your lips to reveal softer and smoother lips.Do this once every two days and you'll be rid of chapped lips forever.
  8. Spread a thin layer of Vaseline on the bristles of an old mascara wand and brush through your eye lashes after applying Mascara to remove clumps.Great for Mascara touch-ups as well.
  9. Combine one sachet Rasna (or any instant powder drink), two capsules of Vitamin E and the smallest tub of Vaseline to make a flavoured lip balm.
  10. Apply a smidge of Vaseline over your front teeth to prevent stray lip colour from sticking to your teeth.This trick comes in handy specially when you're wearing darker lipstick shades.
  11. Slather your feet with a generous coat of Vaseline every night and cover with socks.Do this for a week straight to get super soft feet.
  12. If you're running out of your favourite moisturizer, add Vaseline to convert it into a hand cream or foot cream.
  13. Use as a facial cleanser.Apply Vaseline (as needed) to a wet washcloth(preferably soaked in hot water) and use the cloth with the Vaseline side to gently scrub away make-up, dirt and oil. Next turn the cloth over to wipe away excess Vaseline from face. Rinse with water.
  14. Combine Vaseline with loose eye shadow and some cornstarch to make a cream eye shadow.You could also apply Vaseline directly onto your lids and then apply eye shadow.The Vaseline acts as an excellent eye gloss.
  15. Mix equal parts Vaseline and Aloe Vera gel to make a healing salve.Use this on cuts and burns for instant relief.Store the salve in the refrigerator for maximum effects.
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Vaseline is an essential beauty fix for Tyra Banks and Khloe Kardashian

Currently Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is available in 3 variants:

Vaseline Pure Skin Jelly - OriginalVaseline Pure Skin Jelly - Original

Vaseline Light Hydrating Jelly - Aloe FreshVaseline Light Hydrating Jelly - Aloe Fresh

Vaseline Gentle Protective Jelly - Baby Vaseline Gentle Protective Jelly - Baby

If you have any other Vaseline beauty trick up your sleeve please comment and let me know.God knows I could make use of more!