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Dupe It Yourself: MAC Paint Pot/Eye Primer

A lot has been said and written about the MAC Paint Pot.And yeah all of it is correct.So before you scramble to buy one give this humble homemade paint pot/eye primer a chance.You’ll love it and plus save a thousand bucks in the bargain.

I have the MAC Paint Pot in Coral Crepe and it’s one of my favourite things on the planet.But I’m lemming towards Painterly and with no MAC in sight, I got around to duping it.

So without any further ado onto the dupe.    

Hunt And Collect:

Dupe It Yourself-MAC PAint Pot/Eye Primer

  • Boroline
This is the magic ingredient.Most videos and tutorials suggest using body butter.But this is way better.It has a nice thick consistency, does not dry out easily and most importantly won’t make your eyelids oily since a tiny bit is enough.And its damn cheap.A tube will cost you around Rs 20. 
  • Loose Powder
Instead of using liquid foundation I prefer using loose powder.Not only does it give a better finish, it also ensures that the primer is not too runny.My favourite these days is the Lakme Rose Powder (review here).
  • Loose/Cake Eye Shadow
Whichever is available.Use this is if you want to dupe a coloured paint pot.Since I’ll be duping Painterly I’m not adding colour.I’ll be using the Inglot Eye Shadow to swatch.

Dupe It Yourself-MAC PAint Pot/Eye Primer
Get To Work:
  1. Squirt the boroline onto the mixing tray or a flat surface.
  2. Add loose powder.If you’re duping a coloured paint pot, add the eye shadow too.
  3. Get mixing.This is the trickiest bit since the cream base is really thick.
  4. Once you get an even consistency you’re done.Transfer to a clean container.

Dupe It Yourself-MAC PAint Pot/Eye Primer
Swatched With No Flash On Primer And Without Primer (bottom to top)

Dupe It Yourself-MAC PAint Pot/Eye Primer
Swatched With Flash On Primer And Without Primer (bottom to top)

Some Pointers:
  1. This does not go rancid over time so no need to refrigerate.But it does dry up so I like mixing up only enough to last me a week.
  2. Unlike the paint pot which is harder to spread and blend this one blends like a dream.
  3. From the swatch it’s obvious how effective the dupe is.
  4. This can double up as a concealer provided you reduce the quantity of boroline and add more loose powder.
  5. If you’re in a hurry or you’ve run out of primer just swipe your fave lip balm across you eye lid for an instant eye primer dupe.
Dupe It Yourself-MAC PAint Pot/Eye Primer

I hope you like the dupe.I’m so enjoying writing this series.More dupes in the pipeline so I’d really appreciate  feedback and your thoughts.


  1. o i am surprised no comments here.. but i so love this tip.. and yes this dupe works. i used a shahnaz hussain sunscreen to mix in some compact powder i scraped out and the results were just as good.

  2. There were comments stupid Intense Debate ate 'em all up when changed my domain.Using sunscreen is a great idea.

  3. Great dupe!! just saw your blog(via google for a MAC peaches dupe blush in case you were wondering) :)
    Love the idea of "dupe it yourself" brings a new meanind to DIYs and the ideas are stellar, thanks! :)

  4. You're welcome sweetie :)

  5. Thats a good idea Sonia..I used to use Colorbar concealer as a base for my eyeshadows..nowadays its MAC Paintpot in groundwork..but im so tempted to try this..

  6. @GGG: never knew that color bar had a concealer.Groundwork would work awesome as a base but give this one a try too.

  7. i'v been reading through your blog.amazing!..very informative and interesting !!loving it!!really !!:)

  8. Wow...

  9. can we make blush on as well like this...i tried this dupe...but its quite in gets off the eyeshades..also it given lines...what to do????

  10. @Anonymous: Might not work for a blush on, will do a separate dupe post for it, stay tuned.
    As for this one being too oily you might be using too much boroline.Try increasing the amount of powder.And don't substitute Vaseline.Also use a very small amount to avoid creasing.


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