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Makeup Brushes From Buy In Coins    
I’ve been bitten by the online shopping bug.It’s actually become a compulsion to buy whenever I come across a new online store.So when I read good reviews about Buy In Coins I jumped in line to get me some.I had around $5 in my PayPal account (and now that account is broke) so I thought of using it up to see how much I could buy since I didn't have to shell out on the shipping.I ended up with a 7 piece brush kit and a gel eyeliner+angled eyeliner brush all within $5 plus I saved some change.It would have been totally awesome had the package arrived on time(the site claims delivery within a couple of weeks).I had ordered on 17th March and the package finally arrived exactly a month later.But the moment I saw the package all my grievances were lost to dust.
I got around to opening it and the first impression was awesome.Makes me regret that I didn't order more.

The Brushes
 7Pc Makeup Brush Kit-Buy In Coins

7Pc Makeup Brush Kit-Buy In Coins

7Pc Makeup Brush Kit-Buy In Coins
These were double bubble wrapped and came in a genuine leather brush pouch.I haven't gotten around to using them yet but these look damn amazing, the fake MAC tag notwithstanding.  
Price: $2.81

The Gel Eyeliner+Angled Brush
      Waterproof Gel Eyeliner and Angled Brush-Buy In Coins
      These were again bubble wrapped nicely.I simply couldn't resist trying out the gel liner and I must say I’m super impressed.But I’ll still need some time to fully test it out and see whether it meets my high standards and then get back with the review.As for the angled liner brush I had a lot of expectations but this one turned out to be a dud.It actually broke when I removed the brush guard.The bristles are flimsy and thin.Not expecting much from it.
      Price: $2.43

      My Thoughts on Buy In Coins
      They have some amazing stuff on their website at damn cheap rates and free worldwide shipping which is a jackpot.But the late delivery was a big disappointment.It took about a month for the package to arrive which is simply not acceptable.Maybe something went wrong at my end (Indian Post to be blamed).I wish they would stock up more stuff under makeup.But I’ll still give them another try in the future just for the amazing prices.
      Let me know your take on Buy In coins.

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