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Freshly Shopped: Another Avon Haul

Avon Haul

Being an Avon rep has only resulted in making sure that every month I have some Avon stuff in my mail.Yup that is why I did become a rep in the first place but lately I’ve been wondering whether the habit is getting out of hand.But trust me I just can’t help it.Flipping through the Avon brochure each month has become one of my favourite activities.I actually snack while flipping through.And that too not once or twice but half a dozen times.Although these monthly hauls do lighten my purse strings there’s not much to loose since the products are just awesome and priced decently.
And since I love haul posts so much I thought I’ll share with you my current Avon loot, though this is actually a two month combined haul.I’ll review these in the coming weeks.

Avon Naturals Oil Control Gel Lotion
Avon Naturals Instant Oil Control Gel Lotion
Rs 79 Rs59

Avon Sun Block Lotion SPF40
 Avon Sun Sunblock Lotion SPF40
Rs 249 Rs 169

Avon Senses Divine Time
 Avon Senses Divine Time Body Spray
Rs 139 Rs 119

Avon Naturals Hand Gel Vanilla
Avon Naturals Hand Gel Vanilla
Rs 129 Rs 99

Avon Pomegranate Foot Cream
 Avon Foot Works Pomegranate Chocolate Foot Cream
Rs 150

Avon Gold Shine Eyeliner in Golden Brown
Avon Gold Shine Eyeliner in Golden Brown
Rs 299 Rs 169

I’m totally addicted to blogging and here I’m proving it by sitting on my kitchen floor munching Pringles and typing away even though I’m down with a severe case of eye infection and allergy.What to do? I simply can’t stay away from you guys specially since I’ve been in a lockdown with my laptop hidden away by my sister.But my sister is hardly creative when it comes to hiding stuff and hence the current scenario.Anyways I thought of putting together a quick haul post since I took the pictures a while back.And I’ll try my best to sneak and blog whenever possible, but I’m hoping the infection gets better soon.


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