EST. 2010

Contest: Too Faced $50 eGift Cards

Chihuahuas are super cute.And now they or rather the lovable London the Chihuahua can help you win one of fourteen $50 Too Faced eGift cards.
And the rules are simple.Head over to, spot London the Chihuahua and click on his face to enter the contest.
Last day to enter is Wednesday, 5/25/11 and Winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter daily.


  1. Soniaa! Technical question. How did you get those pictures on top just below the header? Does it involve coding or can i log on to my design feature of blogger and do it?

  2. Sonia, the link doesn't seem to work, tried chrome as well as explorer, can't open it.

  3. @Uzma:They might be having a server problem.Try in a couple of hours.Should work.Or else try googling it.


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