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Spotlight: Awesome News For Online Shopaholics

I’ll just go right ahead and say it Macy’s Ships To India.

If you already knew about it then I’m sure you must be thinking “hello! good morning”, but I just discovered this awesome piece of information.You see a while back I was designing an e-commerce web store for a client and she wanted me to model her store on the lines of Macy’s online.Needless to say I spent hours browser shopping (online version of window shopping ;) since they didn't ship to India at that time.And today while chasing an elusive pair of Steve Madden’s I discovered, yup right Macy Ships To India.

After my initial euphoria settled down a notch, I got down to the dirty business of dissecting the website for anything that would change the grin on my face to a frown.I searched and searched and found nothing.Every second I spent, my itch to shop just kept bubbling.

So here what Macy’s offering
  • Overwhelming collection of shoes, bags, watches and clothes(my personal order of preference)
  • Shipping starting at Rs 400[ah-mah-zingh]
  • Top notch designer brands like Ed Hardy, Steve Madden, Calvin Klein, Guess, Chinese Laundry, DKNYC to name a few
  • And a 10-15% discount promo code FOURTH valid till 5th July, 2011
So my advice in a nutshell, ladies grab your credit cards and shop till ya drop.Here’s the website for your reference:
Steve Madden Bellah Pumps, the lovelies that attributed to my discovery
Image Courtesy Macy’s


  1. That shoe up there just made my jaw drop!! It is gorgeous!! Macy's here I come.. P.s. I had no idea myself that macy ships to India :P

  2. i havnt yet tries online shipooing, and no i dont live in 1970's or something. i am just to scared to try it.
    greattt blog sweets

  3. Hey Ginger I totally understand your fear of shopping online since I too was scared initially.But if you shop prudently then there's nothing to worry about.
    You can read my tips on Shopping online here
    I hope this will help you overcome you fears since the internet can be a great place to shop.


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