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Smoky Eyes In 5 Minutes Or Less

Smokey Eyes In 5 Minutes Or Less
This post is dedicated to all the crazy makeup junkies who have to put on makeup no matter how late they are running, who skip breakfast for doing up their eyes and who cannot step out of their homes unless they have looked in the mirror at least a zillion times even though they know that they will have to rush like a mad man in traffic.And BTW I just described me and my regular weekday mornings.
And since this has to be achieved in less than 5 minutes I’ll keep the post to the bare details. 
  1. Use a soft pencil eye liner to line your waterline and tightline, carefully edging into the upper and lower lashline.
  2. Next line the upper lashline, increasing the line’s thickness slightly in the middle towards the outer rim of the eyelid to open up your eyes.Don’t worry if the line looks harsh.
  3. Now take a q-tip and dip it in Vaseline.Spread the Vaseline till the q-tip is adequately covered and then wipe off any excess.The q-tip should be coated with Vaseline and not dripping with it.
  4. Dip the q tip in an eye shadow, one shade lighter than the pencil liner until it is coated.This step is optional and can be skipped if you are in a hurry.
  5. Use the q-tip to smudge the liner starting from the waterline into the lower lashline till the line becomes less harsh and more Smokey.Do the same for the upper lashline.
  6. Use a neutral eye shadow with gold undertone all across your eyelids upto your brow bone.Use it sparingly or skip it all together for the day or load up for the night.But make sure everything is blended and there are no harsh lines.
  7. Curl lashes, apply mascara and you’re done.
Remember practise makes perfect.I can complete all the seven steps in under 5 minutes, without any mishap.So have a go at it and let me know how quickly you can master the Smokey Eyes.


  1. Thanks for the smokey eye tip and thanks for following me ^_^ You have an amazing blog.

  2. I don't recommend using vaseline, it is petrolatum, a petroleum by-product. I think there can be other options, maybe a primer, or a regular face moisturizer.

  3. @Palak:Thanks :)
    @KawaiiBarbie:Love your blog too.
    @Burcin:I've been using Vaseline for a long time without experiencing any ill effects, but it can definitely be substituted with a moisturizer if you have your doubts about it.Thanks for the heads up though!

  4. hey, nice tip. I have nominated you for lovely blog award, please accept it.

  5. @Vertu:Thanks hon :) Will do.

  6. waaaah! My eyes just look black :( Could you do a photo tute?

  7. @Keerthi:I tried but the pics came out horrible.Will try again :)


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