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My Take: Avon Pomegranate & Chocolate Foot Cream

Avon Footworks Pomegranate & Chocolate Foot Cream Review
What It Claims
Give your feet a sweet pomegranate and chocolate treat! This rich cream moisturizes and smoothes winter dry skin leaving feet silky soft and fragrant.
To Use: Apply to clean dry feet.Massage cream into skin until absorbed, focussing on rough spots.Reapply as needed.

Rs 150 for 50 ml

Avon Footworks Pomegranate & Chocolate Foot Cream Review 
The Good
  • Smells delicious.It's more chocolaty than pomegranaty but hey that's exactly what I expected.
  • Does not have a very creamy texture which makes it absorb quickly into the skin.
  • Maybe it's the fragrance, I'm not sure but the cream prevents smelly feet.Normally on my gym runs a combination of sneakers, socks and sweat make my feet smell horrible, but every time I used this cream my feet, though didn't smell fresh but weren't smelly either.
The Bad
  • It claims to moisturize feet but it isn't moisturizing enough.I guess it's due to the fact that the cream is light weight and not creamy enough.
  • It does not smooth rough spots.I can still feel calluses after using it.I have been regularly using it for a long time and it hasn't had any extraordinary effect on the softness of my feet.Some yes but that can easily be achieved by any moisturizing cream.
  • Overpriced for a foot cream.A tube of Boroline which costs about 20 bucks would do a much better job.
  • Only available via Avon reps.Which might not be a bad thing considering how lame the product is.
Love It Or Chuck It

I know this seems like a very short review but I haven't enough good things to say about it nor do I have enough bad things to say.I had loads of hopes for this product and it disappointed very badly.I do love the fresh chocolaty fragrance but I'll Chuck It any given day for Oriflame's Soothing foot cream (read review), which is not only super moisturizing but smells lovely too.

What's your absolute current fave foot cream, comment and let me know.


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