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My Take: Maybelline Wonder Finish Liquid To Powder Foundation In Nude

Maybelline Wonder Finish Liquid To Powder Foundation in 21 Nude Review And SwatchWhat It Claims
  • Beautifully flawless skin in one step! Liquid foundation covers perfectly turning into a weightless powder finish.
  • Ultra lightweight liquid formula provides a comfortable natural and long lasting makeup result.
  • Transfer and sweat resistant, all day wear.
  • Silicone based formula contains triple action complex of antioxidants, vitamins A and E, as well as moisturizers.
  • Fawn with pinkish undertones
  • Nude with yellowish undertones
Rs 359 for 30ml

Maybelline Wonder Finish Liquid To Powder Foundation in 21 Nude Review And Swatch
Maybelline Wonder Finish Liquid To Powder Foundation in 21 Nude Review And Swatch
The Good
  • It is pretty lightweight and does not weigh heavy on skin.
  • When applied using Sigma F80, gives a wonderful air brushed look.
  • Great for giving skin an even tone without looking too heavy.
  • Contains SPF.
The Bad
  • Cannot and will not withstand sweat, which makes it pretty useless for the humid seasons.Within 5 minutes of applying it starts melting and mingling with sweat.Worse it will transfer onto your clothes if you're not careful.
  • Because it is a liquid to powder finish foundation it will not suit dry skin.But surprisingly it didn't do much for oily skin either.The foundation settled into my pores and made them worse.And within the hour my face was shiny.
  • The application is pretty streaky, especially if you apply using your fingers since it dries up really quickly.It most definitely does not blend easily.
  • Coverage is pretty medium, nothing to gloat about.
  • Every store I visited was out of shades and nude was the only shade they had.This shade does suit my skin tone but I would have preferred a choice between other shades.(I bought this almost 4-5 months back since then they have discontinued most of the shades and now have only fawn and nude)
  • Considering all things I found the price a bit steep for a product that promises a lot but fails to deliver.
Maybelline Wonder Finish Liquid To Powder Foundation in 21 Nude Review And Swatch

Love It Or Chuck It
Maybelline has won me over lately with their Colossal Mascara, Dream Mousse Blush and Gel Eyeliner so I bought this expecting it to live up to the legacy of great makeup at economical prices.Unfortunately I was highly disappointed.This foundation recommended for oily skin was an absolute waste of money.I did not provide any coverage, made my skin oily and could not withstand the humid monsoon season and simply slipped off my face.A colossal disappointment if anything which is too bad since they have such an amazing product range when it comes to nail paints,eyeliners, mascara and almost about everything else.This one though I'm totally Chucking.

Ps:I'm on the lookout for an everyday economical foundation, any recommendations?


  1. Sounds pretty bad. I'd wanted to try this ages ago, but since I don't use foundation regularly I didn't buy this.
    As for reccos, I don't know much about foundations, but I've heard good things about lakme invisible (but it melts in hit weather) & even the new one from lotus.

  2. @Poohkie:I've heard the same stuff about Lakme but I want something that'll stay put for at least a couple of hours.Haven't tried Lotus yet.

  3. I'm not sure if it is economical, Bourjois Healthy Mix is a good option :)

  4. Oh 2 shades is bad...n if it cannot withstand can never think of using it in Mumbai..I use Ponds TM..though wont give too much coverage bt good for daily use..Lotus Matte Glow have heard gud reviews bt not much coverage either..
    Revlon New Complexion is gud I Bourjois n Maxfactor r nice bt not in this range.. :)

  5. I am usually dissapointed with maybelline foundations. The same happened with dream matte mousse they came up with and this one i didnt like either..I rely on maybelline for eyeliners, lipsticks, glosses but skin no for me !

  6. @Tanveer:Nope not economical at all specially since it's such a big dud.I've been wanting to try healthy mix for a while now.Next on my list.
    @Vanity & Bhumika:Yeah that seems to be the general consensus.
    @Mehak:I did try out the matte mousse one at the counter but it made my face ashy.Wish they could come up with something better.

  7. Hi,

    I think this product isn't available any more. But, I had tried Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Foundation and it was pretty cool. It's light and the shade I chose blended really well. It's a little costly at Rs 525 but it's well worth the money.

  8. @Sneha:I got this almost 6 months back and at that time they were low on stock so I suppose it was being discontinued.I tried the Mousse foundation but I was not very happy with the shades plus the coverage was quite low when compared to the wonder finish.But I'm glad it worked for you.

  9. @Kasada: Don't about others but this one was a downer.


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