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A Lazy Girl's Guide To Fabulous Hair

Fabulous hair might seem like a distant dream if you are anywhere as lazy as me (a crime for which I should be severely punished I know).But then again I'm a nifty ol' gal with quite a few tricks up my sleeve to get those fabulous hair with absolutely no major effort involved.And if you are wondering why bother at all, well then I do love my hair after all!So even though I do skimp on traditional styling methods I have never taken my tresses for granted.

You'll find plenty of shortcuts to great styling tricks but trust me there ain't no shortcut to good healthy hair.Since hair is basically dead we assume that it won't be affected by our wayward crazy hair experiments, but nothing can be further from the truth.Given that your hair is dead it still needs caring, apt nourishment and more than anything your unwavering love and attention.

I have a rule of three for healthy and happy hair which has worked like a charm over the years:
  1. Eat healthy.Your hair will specially benefit from foods rich in protein and minerals.
  2. Shampoo & condition regularly without fail.Dirty hair is the biggest turn off ever.
  3. Pamper your tresses with hair treatments and the works.And you need not spend tons of money either, your kitchen is full of things that you can whip up to create treats for your hair.
And now that we have the serious things sorted, lets get to those fabulous hair making tricks.All the given techniques work best on freshly washed damp hair.Use hair serum to control any frizz and sprays, mousse whatever suits your fancy to set the style in place.

Pump Up The Volume

DSC00618Voluminous flowing hair is the envy of most females and the general assumption when we see someone with amazingly pumped up tresses is that "well they've spent hours blow drying to get it to look like that" .They might have but you need not.You on the other hand will need all of 2 minutes to get bouncy hair.

Start off by clipping all your bangs.Then gather your hair into a high ponytail.The higher the ponytail the more volume you will get.A failsafe way to do this is to flip your head down and then gather hair into a high ponytail.Secure the ponytail with a thin elastic band.Now start twisting the ponytail inwards and at the same time winding it around the base of the ponytail (as if you were making a hair bun).Secure the bun with bobby pins(lots of them) and any stray bits and  pieces.You can also use an extra elastic to secure the bun tightly.

Let it stay for at least 2-3 hours(or overnight for maximum effect) and then carefully remove all the pins and bands.And voila you have airy bouncy hair.If you have a layered hair cut, this trick will enhance the layers even more.

Beach Worthy Waves

aaLoose beachy waves is a staple with celebrities.And yeah they can afford to sport this hair trend with ease, what with personal hair stylists to do all the tedious work.The best way to get those lovely beach worthy waves is to use hot rollers with oodles of patience but this is the lazy girl's guide right, so I have a fuss free technique to get those waves going!

Once again if you have bangs, clip them so that they are out of your way.Next divide your hair into two sections around the nape of your neck.Take one section and start twisting it inwards tightly all the way to the end.Hold it in place and repeat the same for the other section.Now twist the two sections(already twisted inwards) together outwards, this will result in a rope braid.Now twist the braid into a low hung bun and secure with elastic and pins.Pin up any loose ends.Two sections will result in loose waves.If you are aiming for more waves, divide hair into 4 sections so that you get two braids.
Let it stay put for a couple of hours or overnight depending upon the intensity of waves you want and remove pins to get gorgeous waves.

Curl It Down

DSC02208_editedCurly hair is the most coveted hair style by majority of women but when you think about the time and effort that goes into getting those masses of spirals, you do tend to change your mind.But not anymore.You can get fabulous curls quickly with minimum effort.

Sort out any knots and pin up your bangs.Divide your hair into four section and loosely pin them up using clips.Starting with the top left section, take about an inch wide section and twist it inwards all the way to the end, then twist it into a spiral along your scalp and secure with a pin.Do the same for the entire top left section and work your way into the other 3 sections.

The wider the sections, the looser the curls.So if you want tighter curls use smaller sections.Put on a shower cap(to minimize frizz) and leave it on until your hair is completely dry (you can speed up the process by using a blower on cool setting).Carefully open up the pinned sections and poof! you have your curls.

So I hope this guide has spoken to the lazy girl in you to get those fab hair going!Just remember loving your hair is the most important first step towards getting gorgeous hair.The rest is simple!

This post is my entry to the Dove: Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back! contest on Indiblogger.


  1. Aww u look so cute in all the hair styles Sonia ...well I do the first tip always to volume up hair naturally...nice post!

  2. loved the article sonia and all three hair dos !

  3. fabulous post sonia....u r luking very pretty!!!

  4. Great tips hun! I love the second tip for waves, I heard about it once before, it sounds great!

    I just got a hair cut, so I can't do it with short hair. But when I had long hair, I would flip my head down and apply mousse and crunch my hair with my hands while blow drying after a shower to make nice loose waves. Of course it doesn't look the same as using a curler or like the stars with their own stylists.

    I love Deepika Padukone's hair, it always looks as if it has natural waves.

  5. Whoa, this is one good post!! try to put up a video too Sonia, Love the pictures! the beachy waves are my favourite, you look lovely!! :)

  6. Well written post,nice use of pics,all d best.
    Hope u like and promote my post "The Girl i loved"
    Check out sure ul like my post.

  7. @Pooja:Thanks and Thanks :) the latter two pics are pretty old!I wasn't sure whether to put them up but since all the new pics have me in my rebonded hair I had to scrounge up these pics.
    @Bhumika:That's great.Let me know if you try it out!
    @Pavani:Thanks sweety!
    @Burcin:Me too love Deepika's hair!There are tons of things you can do to short hair.Will write up a post for ya.
    @Keerthi:Thanks a ton.I wanted to put up more pictures and videos but unfortunately my video making skills are pretty ametere.Will work on it and post it soon!
    @Sampath:Thanks :) will check you post

  8. reading this feels like reading an article straight out of a magazine! :) Nice job, wish you the best.

  9. hi
    awesome tips....keep writing!

  10. @Defiant Princess:Thanks a ton.It really means alot :)
    @Megs:Will do :)

  11. Hey Sonia... you look very pretty in the snaps!!Loved the Beachy waves tip... you really should do a video girl :)
    Tried the volume wala tip today.... My thinning hair looked so 'volumunous' :D Thanks :)

  12. @Malini:Thanks :) I'm working on my video making/editing skills once it's good enough will surely do a video.Glad the volume tip worked for you :)

  13. you look so pretty with the Beach worthy waves!
    Im a new follower, I hope you follow me back.

  14. @Hollie: Thanks sweety :) will follow


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