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Freshly Shopped: Review And Haul Review And Haul

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas.Well I know I did.I stuffed myself silly with all kinds of imaginable desserts and got a wonderful Christmas surprise in the mail.My haul from arrived and it took me hardly 5 seconds to rip up the package and get to the goodies.

Now I know two items don't actually qualify as a haul but then these two absolutely do.In fact these are the best things I got off the Internet this year. is a China based online webstore specializing in Asian clothing, shoes, bags and accessories at wholesale rates.And when I say wholesale rates I means wholesale rates like starting at $0.01.They have a crazy inventory in terms of both size and variety.It took me almost 2 whole days to narrow down what I wanted to get.The website is so addictive that once you start browsing the virtual shelves you'll forget just about everything else (I skipped a couple of meals which is major for me).

Though they specialize in almost everything fashion under the sun, my favourite section was the shoe section.They have around 15,000+ pairs of shoes on display including pumps, boots, brogues, sneakers, sandals all starting at $6 which I think is a pretty good bargain.

So here's what my item haul was all about:

Black Suede Mary Janes Review And Haul Review And Haul
These were absolutely love at first sight.I was a bit sceptical about the heels but once I tried them on they were insanely comfortable.The elastic strap and the platform base make these shoes damn easy to walk in.The heels are pretty sturdy and not at all wobbly.It also comes in a black and pink version which is just as cute.

Price: $12.97 (Around Rs 650) Review And Haul Review And Haul Review And Haul
Stock Photo

Salmon Double Breasted Jacket Review And Haul Review And Haul
Stock Photo
It looks quite pink in the stock pictures but is actually more salmon.The gold zippers look fab.Love the double breasted design and overall look but it was a bit tight for me specially when I zipped up.Also the zips aren't very smooth.It looks like leather but is made with PU which is easier to clean and maintain.It has a matching pink cloth lining and is quite warm.Good quality for the price though I just wish it was a wee bit loose.

Price: $14.86 (Around Rs 750) Review And Haul Review And Haul Review And Haul
The package was shipped on 20th of December using DHL and arrived on the 24th.The shoe box was a bit roughed up but apart from that everything was pretty much in good condition. Review And Haul Review And Haul

Why You'll Go Bonkers Shopping At
  • Mind boggling collection of shoes, dresses, tees, jackets, bags, jewellery all at crazy wholesale prices.In fact they have a $3 category where you'll find almost everything.
  • Fresh stock added everyday.
  • No minimum purchase required to avail wholesale prices.
  • Products are of good quality considering the wholesale prices.
  • Easy user interface and the shop is very well organized with categories for each section
  • Variety of payment options including PayPal, Credit card / Debit card, Western union, Bank transfer(T/T) and Moneygram
  • Wide shipping choices to suit your budget including FedEx, UPS, DHL and EMS.
  • Extremely helpful customer service.
  • Flexible return policy.
So if you've been looking for a bargain online shop then make the first stop, I can guarantee you'll get hooked bad.

Cute Red Tie Up Booties From Wholesale-Dress.netNext On My Hit List

I would love to know what's on your hit list from, comment and let me know.
Disclaimer: I used a discount voucher to purchase from , though the review constitutes my honest opinion.Read Review Policy for more information.


  1. wow....the shoes matches perfectly to the jacket..

  2. have heard allot about this website,,I guess its time to check it out now,, :)

    n those shoes are so adorable :)

  3. hey nice haul ... loved your pumps and tht too for great price ... please tell me do they charge u extra for custom clearance - i visited there site ...shipping rates are too high specially with DHL - i might not opt for this courier service... tell me about it

  4. @Krupa: I did wear the two together :)
    @Namita: Please do, you'll go nuts browsing!
    @Bhumika: Thanks sweety :)
    @Pri: Thanks hun.Upto a certain amount they don't charge customs, you will have to clarify with the local authorities.DHL is the most expensive option but it's the safest and fastest and for most of these kinds of wholesale stores recommended.

  5. Oh! Nice haul! I went to the site and picked out a lot of nice things for my daughter. When I went to check out the shipping was over $40.00 for $15.00 in merchandise. I promptly cancelled. How disappointing!

  6. Omg Sonia.. Those pumps are super pretty!! :)
    And there are so many shipping options.. and DHL is quite expensive.. So, apart from DHL, what would you recommend? :)

  7. @Jillie:Expensive international shipping can be a big downer I know.Try using a cheaper shipping method or shoot a mail to the customer service.
    @Uzma:Me too!
    @Dhriti:DHL does work out a bit expensive but like I said its the fastest and safest.You could try Aramex or UPS also and China Post on the cheaper side.

  8. Those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*drools* x3

  9. Look at my reivew of items from :)

  10. cud u list a few more of such sites??

  11. has free shipping and an amazing inventory.

  12. I'm surprised. I mean, I haven't heard anything but bad reviews from people on this (youtube videos not included) is the quality really good?

  13. @Kofykat: That's too bad since my experience was pretty good.I might even forgive a few lapses considering the amazing collection at the given prices.The quality of the products I received was good enough.The only glitch according to me is the shipping price which is pretty high.Have you ordered anything from there yet?

  14. hi..visting your blog for the first time...loving it,,do they mark their items as gift to avoid custom duties...have you paid import duty on it

  15. @Nami: Thanks :)I suppose import duty is waived upto a certain amount so as long as you stay within the limit you should be fine.I did'nt pay any import duty.

  16. Okay,
    here's my experience of wsd.
    I ordered on the 30th of April and received it on May 9. Problem is I payed for two-day shipping. I ordered to high waist shorts. One dark denim and one white with detachable suspenders. My white shorts were denim in the picture but when I received them they were like a spandex material, but they were still cute. Now my denim shorts were looking fine until I noticed that where your supposed to button the five buttons up there were no holes!?!?!?! LOL I couldn't help but laugh. They had stitching where the holes were supposed to be instead. Anyways its okay quality. Not what you expect but for the price its decent

  17. @niadyane: That's exactly my point.Given the prices a few glitches are alright.

  18. Hey Sonia, Did you pay anything other than the shipping fee? Like duty tax etc? I'm always put off by this duty tax whenever I have to shop online at international stores!

    Will DHL takes care of things like duty tax? do they charge extra for it?

  19. @Shiva: Nope! duties are charged when the merchandise is over $100 although it keeps changing.It would be better if you talk to customer service at dhl, they might help you better.

  20. I am searching for a wholesale fashion shoes. These looks amazing. I want shoes for summer evenings. I think it would suit perfectly.


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