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My Take: Ciracle Shiny BB Cream

Ciracle Shiny BB Cream Review & How To Apply BB Cream
What It Claims
Ciracle Shiny BB Cream is a 3 in 1 Multi functional BB cream with whitening, anti aging and sun protection properties.

It offers natural looking coverage that nourishes, corrects skin complexion and protects against sun damage without being oily.

$23.99 for 40ml
Available at

How To Apply
I have been experimenting with loads of techniques for applying a BB cream and found these 3 the most useful.
  • For everyday take a pea sized blob and spread it on your palms then simply pat your palms onto your face pushing the cream into the skin for a natural finish.
  • For medium to heavy application, squeeze some cream onto the tip of your index finger and then dab onto your face starting from the center.Pat and spread outwards with a light hand.Don't rub it in or the cream will be soaked by your skin.
  • For using it as a concealer squeeze a tiny bit onto the back of your hands and dip a fluffy eye shadow blush and apply on areas you want to cover.First pat the brush onto the area you want to conceal and then using light to and fro motion blend into the foundation.
Ciracle Shiny BB Cream Review & How To Apply BB Cream
Ciracle Shiny BB Cream Review & How To Apply BB Cream
Ciracle Shiny BB Cream Review & How To Apply BB Cream
Less is always more when it comes to BB creams since they are more concentrated than tinted moisturizers and foundations plus contain skin healing ingredients which always work when used in moderation. Moisturizing before is totally optional and depends on your skin type.

The Good
  • This baby packs a punch in terms of pigments.I normally need a pea sized blob for my entire face and it gives me decent coverage.
  • Instantly covers up redness and blotchiness.
  • Has a beautiful creamy and smooth texture.
  • You can control the kind of coverage you want with the product because of it's texture and pigmentation.For light coverage spread it thin and for a slightly medium to heavy coverage pat and pile it on.
  • The latter trick makes it a great substitute for a regular concealer.
  • Works excellent as a makeup base too since it helps covers redness and the formula helps foundation apply more smoothly.
  • Is neither too matt nor too oily, neither too creamy nor too runny, but somewhere in between so is really easy to apply.
  • Gives a beautiful dewy finish.
  • Stays put for at least 5-6 hours, though I still have to test how it will last in the summers.
  • Nozzle tip tube packaging is hygienic and easy to use(plus it means I can squeeze the last bit of product out)
Ciracle Shiny BB Cream Review & How To Apply BB Cream
  • Has SPF 21 which means you don't have to put on another layer of product.Plus it has skin whitening and anti aging ingredients.
The Bad
  • Comes in a single shade.
  • Only available online.
  • If it's not applied correctly, it can leave a whitish tinge specially if the colour is not an exact match.
  • Might be a bit drying if you have extremely dry skin and you're using a small quantity (which I recommend by the way).
Love It Or Chuck It
BB cream has been on my beauty hit list for a while and though there are tons of brands and online stores specializing in BB creams, finding the one that works perfectly for your skin can be quite a task.So I'm super impressed with the Ciracle BB Cream because this one is a made in heaven match for my skin tone and type.An all in one product which works as a primer, foundation and concealer, plus takes care of your skin care needs as well. I love using this on days when I'm feeling really lazy which is basically most days.Love It and just can't get enough.
Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for review.Read Review Policy for more information.


  1. thanx for review i m fond of bb creams

  2. @sahar: You're welcome :) whats's your fave brand?

  3. Sonia this one looks amazing :) :)

    Thanks for the review,,will look for it :)

  4. Its a fabulous product and just wanna buy it. Thanks so much for present it.

  5. Wow.. Fnally a BB cream that works on Indian skin tones... Getting tempted to pick this up! :)

  6. @thePURPLEspirit: Do give it a try.It has a grayish ashy tinge to it but blends beautifully into your skin.

  7. @Namita:Please do :)
    @Stephnee: Your welcome :)

  8. Great thanks for the review. We've checked your review. And we will do our best for enhancing the quality & service. If you have any issues, please visit our website ( and remain the review on it.


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